Day 11: Live In Reality

Can I thank you again for joining me in this 21 day feast? Yes, the act of worship is and should be worship-full and joy-filled regardless of circumstances. But honestly, this journey is best done together, don’t you think? When we sit at the table of our feast individually, yes, He is blessed. I know it. But joining together in community encouraging each other to keep going, to keep praising His name (no matter if we “feel” like it or not) makes the feast so much the more tasty.

Today’s verse brings me back to a concept that continually invigorates my vision of where I stand along the grand spectrum.


The King.

The Kingship of Christ.

The word pictures in these words and phrases are captivating. Years ago when I began putting pen to paper––fingers to keyboard––my driving force was an action filled phrase that God laid upon my heart…

Living Out The Kingship of Christ


It reminds me of my upmost reality, that Christ is King in all power and authority and with incredible love, we have the privilege of partaking in His kingdom. I even put that ! in my phrase to keep the urgency at the forefront. The kingdom is here, now, and coming soon. Ultimately fulfilled when Jesus returns but ever present and pertinent now. The ! keeps me focused and in tune to seek the kingdom daily.

Press In

They will not be silent; they will talk of the grandeur of Your kingdom and celebrate the wonder of Your power. (Psalm 145:11 THE VOICE emphasis mine)

Oh Jesus, our KING! We will not be silent. Give us a glimpse of your kingdom today. Thank you for allowing us to take part and step into our kingdom purpose. All to your glory and fame, Lord. We will live today with an extra measure of exclamation and dedication to You! Amen!

I dedicated an entire chapter in Just RISE UP! to kingdom perspective. Would you like to read just a bit?

Just RISE UP! Cover


The kingdom of God is the reign of Christ—which seems odd and upside down to the world, yet gloriously logical in God’s kingdom.

Every kingdom has a king. But where most kings rule out of self-elevation and pride, our King came and served us first. He set the bar for us to follow as servants, and we can do that with the utmost dignity because we live and serve the King who defines the words good, beautiful, mighty, merciful, and grace.

In other words, adopt the mind-set of Jesus the Anointed. Live with His attitude in your hearts. Remember:

Though He was in the form of God, He chose not to cling to equality with God But He poured Himself out to fill a vessel brand new; a servant in form and a man indeed. The very likeness of humanity, He humbled Himself, obedient to death—a merciless death on the cross! So God raised Him up to the highest place and gave Him the name above all. So when His name is called, every knee will bow,in heaven, on earth, and below. And every tongue will confess “Jesus, the Anointed One, is Lord,”
to the glory of God our Father! (Philippians 2: 5-11)

We choose to participate in the kingdom when we decide to make Jesus and His Word the center of our lives, our utmost reality. The kingdom of God will continue on with or without us, but oh, what we will miss out on if we only watch from afar. By worshipping God as our Creator and taking part in His kingdom activities, we have the privilege of allowing God to use us for His ultimate purposes, as in Colossians 1:16.

God’s kingdom is here and now. His authority over all is undeniable, though many choose to live blind to it and to fight against His power. Knowing that He reigns over all the universe, we evaluate our priorities and where our loyalties stand, and our perspective adjusts. (Just RISE UP!: A Call To Make Jesus Famous, page 30-31)


Pour Out and Pour Forth

How will you “not be silent” and “celebrate” His kingdom today? (Ps. 145) Will you choose to sing out loud today? Will you choose to sit quiet in fear and reverence before the throne of the King, ready to hear His mighty voice? Will you ask one person, “Want to know what God did today?” Go ahead. Let’s do this together!

Day 10: Where Credit Is Due

Where Credit Is due

Today let’s keep the feast simple. No, it won’t lose it’s impact yet it will reinvigorate our perspective. In a moment, after you read this I’m going to ask you to shut the lid to your laptop or slid the off screen or do whatever you have to do to disconnect for just a bit from your technology of choice. Not yet, though. We have some pressing in to do before we pour out…literally out.

Press In

In the following Scripture, do you see some key words? All (all creation!), saints (holy people), bless (bless Him!), thanks (a form of blessing!).

All Your works shall praise You, O Lord, And Your saints shall bless You. (Psalm 145:10 ESV)

All creation will stand in awe of You,O Eternal One. Thanks will pour from the mouths of every one of Your creatures; Your holy people will bless You. (Psalm 145:10 THE VOICE)

This verse reminds me of when Jesus makes an amazing point. It is the great Triumphal Entry before Easter where the crowd declares, “Hosanna! Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!” But then a Pharisee, one who attempts to squelch the joy of the occasion encourages Jesus to stop them. Can you imagine? Jesus responds…

I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out. (Luke 19:40)

I’ve always read this verse and thought: Oh No! Let us not leave it up to the rocks!

All of creation speaks of the goodness of God. Our God is creative and impressive and infinitely wise. He made this earth with us in mind to enjoy and revel in and He is still involved in this creation. Though, some see God as the One holding the snow globe type earth and admiring His creation from afar. Let’s praise God, bless Him for holding us in His mighty hand with intricate involvement. Oh we see His handiwork everywhere if we choose to look, really take notice.

He is so very due praise and honor and blessing that if we, as the crown of creation, neglect our duty (pleasure filled duty), creation itself will fill in the gap.

Oh let us give credit where credit is due!

Pour Out and Pour Forth

Will you go out with an open heart to investigate God’s glory all around you? We don’t have to live in the middle of a beautiful farm or stand in a bountiful garden to see it. There is glory to be found in cities, at school, on the commuter train…in interacting with His people. Living to intentional engage with God’s creation regardless of the location is worship in and of itself.

Breath it in

Breath it out


Give God the credit due His name.

Leave it NOT up to the rocks!

Day 9: You Are Not Excluded

If I mentioned 3 words, would you know personally what I mean? Would these words conjure up for you the same type of emotions that swirl around in my heart, too? The Cool Club. Three words that embody what I was never a part of. Even writing this puts me back to the halls of junior high and awkwardness ever abundant. It puts me back to that broken heart from being excluded. Not fun.

As an adult I see the cool club all around me. And it makes me so mad. I even see it in the church. I see it as an “us verses the world” mentality as we swoop away in our comfort zones and with our perfect facades knowing that we are “ok” because we are “saved” and “going to heaven.”

Oh it is so much more than that!

Press In and Praise Him…

But the Eternal’s goodness is not exclusive—it is offered freely to all. His mercy extends to all His creation. (Psalm 145:9 THE VOICE)

The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made. (Psalm 145:9)

The veil.

The veil that contained God’s upmost holiness in His temple tore in two when Jesus breathed His last breath on the cross. (Matthew 27:50-54)

God’s absolute, manifest glory from that moment forward stood available to any and all who would come to Him. Free to all, yes, as God’s word says. Available to His entire creation.

Not one excluded.

But it is more than saying the sinners prayer and declaring with an “us verses the world” heart that we are now “saved.” Oh yes. We are saved from eternal separation from the Almighty. Yes. But the more comes in to play when we take our place and take part in God’s kingdom. It is here and now.

There are people to serve.

There is love to first pour out to God and then to our neighbor…even when it hurts and when it is uncomfortable.

There are those who feel excluded, not worthy, unacceptable.

Is your heart burdened for those who live excluded…not knowing His inclusive mercy and love?

This is my prayer these days. For my heart to soften and for my self righteous pride to dissolve. 

Will we allow God to use us, yes US, to partake in His work. Will we worship by exclaiming to God’s creation that He freely extends mercy. They are not excluded. Will we go the distance and walk alongside and lead them to the cross to be included? Jesus did the work. We have the privilege of witnessing the miracle, the transformation. Our faith and worship will grow stronger in the process!


Psalm 145 was the original inspiration for Just RISE UP!: A Call To Make Jesus Famous. Want to be a part of the generation who rises up for His renown? Check out the book HERE.