For When You’ve Got Nothin’

This is the week. Yes. This is the week I would pound out so so so many words to inspire and uplift and point to the goodness of God. We are back to our routine. Though we are in a new town, starting a new school with my son, in a new home (starting to actually feel like home!), the routine is the same and it feels glorious.

I sit here in my new little art and writing room in an old chair with an old blanket and old laptop and

I’ve got nothin’.

So instead of trying to put forth something for the sake of just blogging I thought I would share a prayer I’ve had all summer. For those of us who need inspiration. For those of us who feel there is nothing new. For those of us who know they need to just move forward into something though they don’t know what that some thing is. Will you find a quiet space, sit with your hands open and utter these words with me?


Lord, we sit with open hands asking (maybe even begging) for that which can only come from You. We need refreshment and revival and courage and newness. Your Word says there is nothing new under the sun. So God, because You spoke everything under the sun into existence, we ask for an outpouring of inspiration. Lord, we want our lives to count. To mean something. So with open hands, we pray for inspiration to create, to work, to mother, to relate, to comfort, to encourage. Lord, do Your thing in us and through us. With open hands we welcome Your Spirit to move because we know that any movement from You is more fruitful than anything we can conjure up ourselves. We will give You all the glory, Jesus! Amen!

Nothing fancy. But there is something to be said for knowing that you aren’t alone in the feeling of “nothin’.” Let’s link arms together with palms open ready to receive from our ever good, merciful, loving God. Go forth today in confidence that He is doing things in you and through you and YOU matter to HIM.

Come back Friday! I’m bringing back THE LIST!

When Does It Feel Like Home?

The boxes, the ugly brown boxes with slick tape and words like fragile, living room, guest room stack up in the new garage. Those same boxes occupy my new, would be writing room. But there is progress happening in our new home. Those same boxes used to take up living space in the family room, my closet, kitchen are shuffled to a more manageable place so we might do life.

I’m asked by sweet friends if we are settled in.

I hesitate and take a deep breath. Well… My first inclination is to say not quite.

The walls stand bare.

My mantle (I’ve never had a beautiful mantle…what to do with it???) is cluttered with potential decor. Disjointed and not the least bit pinterest-worthy.

Our old furniture sits awkwardly in our family room. My grandmother’s old recliner that I sit in at the moment, once recovered in cute fabric I picked out as a newlywed, has seen better days. Nothing flows in the room. Our budget tells us it will take a few months to save up for a comfy new couch that will hopefully welcome in our new friends for deep, meaningful conversation.

Frankly, I’m tempted to allow our front door to remain closed to hospitality and new friends until…well…I’m not sure what until looks like because I’m overwhelmed with my “Home Decor” Pinterest board.

It would be easy to wallow in this temptation to view my home as not a worthy home while everything is disjointed and not perfectly arranged on the mantle. You bet that my favorite catch phrase #firstworldproblems trails through my mind as I breath in and allow TRUTH to take hold of my lack luster feelings toward my home decor. I’m typing this with a “practice what I preach” moment so here goes…

If I truly believe that we are called to make Jesus famous in every square inch of our lives, an old red lazy-boy or lack of that beautiful Ikea couch SHOULD NOT keep me from RISING UP. So in keeping with the theme of my book JUST RISE UP! and the TRUTH OF SCRIPTURE I will indeed…

~Make this a house of praise regardless of it’s decor. Those who walk through the door will feel they are known as we go deep in conversation and praise His name forever.

Every day I will bless you
and praise your name forever and ever. {Psalm 145: 2}
They shall speak of the might of your awesome deeds,
and I will declare your greatness. {Psalm 145:6}

~ Humbly approach the throne of grace with every type of need yet seeking God Himself with in these four walls (and outside of these four walls!) rather than what He gives us. GOD HIMSELF. Yes, a house of prayer on our knees is what this will be. A house of thanksgiving and a house of GIVING is what this will be.

All your works shall give thanks to you, O Lord,
and all your saints shall bless you! {Psalm 145:10}

~Teach my child that this home, however lovely, is not our HOME. With a Kingdom perspective we will do life differently placing more emphasis on things eternal than that which fades away. New couches, finely arranged mantles, gorgeous galleries of frames on our walls pale in comparison to what awaits us in our heavenly home. Until then our priority is to live out the good news of the gospel and let our home be a refuge pointing to the heavenly hope of Jesus Christ. Kingdom minded, right in our own neighborhood.

Might our homes

They shall speak of the glory of your kingdom
and tell of your power,
to make known to the children of man your mighty deeds,
and the glorious splendor of your kingdom. {Psalm 145:11-12}

~Allow God to arrange that calendar which hangs on the wall and holds appointments, practices, meetings. It is HIS agenda that our home revolves around. Might we add more white space to that full calendar?

The Lord upholds all who are falling
and raises up all who are bowed down.
The eyes of all look to you,
and you give them their food in due season. You open your hand;
you satisfy the desire of every living thing. {Psalm 145:14-16}

~Pray that this house will be a light shining toward YOUR beauty, goodness, mercy Lord! Let not my insecurities of slip covers, wall color, tablescapes keep us from bringing others in through the doors and ministering to their hearts. Amen! It is all for Your glory for you desire community among your people regardless of decor.

One generation shall commend your works to another,
and shall declare your mighty acts. {Psalm 145:4}

Will you take this posture and make Jesus famous in and with your home? No matter the place, apartment, large or small home might we RISE UP! and make His name renown with in our four walls.


Just RISE UP! Cover

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This Wonderfully Messy World

Friends! I am really excited to bring you these words from my friend, Laurie Coombs. Laurie and I have known each other for gosh, about five years now. We’ve encouraged each other in our writing journeys and I am thrilled that Laurie’s new book has released. I had the privilege of getting my hands on an early copy of the book Letters From My Father’s Murderer: A Journey of Forgiveness.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I could NOT put this book down and I read it straight through while traveling back in February. It is a captivating true story of redemption. Here is what I wrote in the fancy schmancy endorsement:

In Letters From My Father’s Murderer, Laurie Coombs weaves an intriguing true story; one that captivated me from page one. This story of forgiveness, redemption, restoration, repentance is full of real and raw emotion that brings the reader to a place where they feel as if parts of their own life–their own need for forgiveness or need to extend forgiveness–is uncovered and exposed. Though not all of us have experienced the horror of losing a loved one to murder, we all deal with our own dark corners of our hearts. Laurie’s motives to extend forgiveness and look through the “lens of the Gospel” will echo in my heart for many moments to come.

I can’t wait for you to hear from Laurie herself…

Laurie Coombs


I had always thought the world was a wonderful place, full of beauty and love and light. Growing up, the life I imagined for myself looked more like a fairytale than I care to admit. I had plans for my life, big plans. But just as I was coming into my own, just as I was about to seize all life has to offer, my world unraveled when confronted by an evil I never imagined possible. My dad, who I love more than I can ever say, was murdered, and with that loss, all the lofty notions I held about life shattered.

Things like this dont happen to people like me, I thought. I grew up in a nice, quiet small town. I came from a good, loving family. How could my dad have been murdered? I wondered.

I found myself sitting at a park after the funeral questioning just about everything I thought I knew to be true. Something my mom always said came to mind. “Everything happens for a reason,” she used to say. I pondered this familiar adage for some time, wrestling with my new reality, before crying out, “How could there be a reason for this?” through my anger and tears.

This was not my plan. This was not the path I thought my life would take. And I was angry. Mostly at Anthony, the man who murdered my dad, but it was more than that. I was angry at the lack of sensitivity I saw in the media. I was angry at the indifference of others watching the news coverage. I was angry at our society and its unhealthy fascination with murder. But I was also angry that my life was not turning out the way I thought it should. 

It just didn’t seem fair. All those big plans I had for my life were upended by my new awareness of evil. Nothing good can come out of this, I thought. Nothing.

But I was wrong. 

The years that followed were characterized more by trying to be okay than actually being okay. Shortly after the murder, I put on my happy mask and decided it was time to move on, and so I did. I buried my pain and went on with my life, hoping my past would stay in the past. But it doesn’t take much to know that unresolved pain rises to the surface at one point or another, regardless of how deep its buried. 

It took nine years for my pain to resurface, and when it did, I was absolutely stunned by it. My pain showed up in the form of anxiety and depression, something I had never dealt with before. I didn’t know what to do when this monster reared its ugly head. And for the first time in my life, I was presented with something I could not fix. I was able to work through every other struggle in my life prior to this, but this time was different.

I tried everything the world tells you to do in a situation like this. I tried eating better and exercising more. I tried meditation. I tried taking a stress management class. I tried yoga. I tried self-help books. And I even tried taking medication, but it only worsened my condition. Nothing worked. And so with all other options exhausted, it seemed God was my last and only hope. 

But I was not a believer. In fact, I was a skeptic. I was one of those people who thought faith was something weak-minded people relied on to get through life. All that stuff in the Bible seemed like a fairytale concocted to tickle ears and make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But at this point, I had come to the end of myself and saw no other option out of the mess. And so with a fearful heart and an analytical mind, I attended church, fully expecting the God-thing to be yet another rabbit trail that would lead absolutely nowhere. But it wasn’t. 

As I listened to the pastor speak, my mind only semi-present due to the anxiety, God did something I never imagined possible. He showed up. He continued to do so time and time again until there was absolutely no denying it was Him, and I received faith.

But I don’t believe I would have ever gotten to that point apart from my dad’s murder, and so the very thing intended to destroy my life would be the thing that would save it. Apart from this terrible tragedy, I would have never experienced true life. God had a better plan than the one I had planned for myself. A messy plan. A plan that included tragedy and loss. A plan that included pain-filled searching. But also included in that plan was my salvation and the call to love and forgive my enemy which ultimately resulted in the beautiful message of hope and redemption that I have been called to share with this world.

Yes. We live in a broken world. A world that involves evil and loss and pain. But apart from the darkness, we would never fully know the light. Only in the darkest of dark does light shine the brightest. Only in a broken world can we see healing and redemption. Love is shown greater in the face of hate. Beauty is all the more beautiful in the face of the ugly.  

And what beauty there is to behold in this wonderfully messy world.


Be sure to click HERE to find out how to get your hands on Letters From My Father’s Murderer

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More About My friend Laurie:

Laurie Coombs is a passionate writer and speaker on the issues of forgiveness, redemption, and the hope found in Jesus. She is the author of Letters from My Fathers Murderer: A Journey of Forgiveness, an incredible true story of grace, mercy, and the redemptive power of God. Her story was featured in Billy Graham’s film, Heaven, and she is a featured writer and blogger for iBelieve and Crosswalk. Laurie and her husband, Travis, make their home in Nevada along with their two daughters, Ella and Avery. Be sure to visit or connect with Laurie on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.


What beauty are you finding in your messy world today? I would love to hear from you…leave a comment…let’s chat!