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Wanted to take just a few minutes to pick your brain. As we are wrapping up the Stress Point Online study, I want to continue the conversation and write/talk about what matters to YOU. What are some topics that were in Stress Point that you want to talk about in more depth? What are burning issues or questions in your life that you’d like to flesh out?


Hugs to you all!


Here’s a great video to check out!


Let’s Keep Going! — 14 Comments

  1. I agree with Meg, I am really enjoying the Spiritual Maturity Chapter. It really pulls all the other chapters together and really makes you think how you have changed and what things you still need to work on.

    • Meg and Jodi–Anything specific that you’d like to read more about regarding Spiritual Maturity? I’m ready to keep writing but would love to know what most interests YOU! :)

      • Sarah

        Nothing specific just the subject itself.. I can idenify with Gina in the Girlfriend case study too about grumbling and complaining and not being a good repensantation of Jesus.. Thsi happened to me just the other day!

        So pretty much i feel like i am not a good repensantaion of Jesus whether it be work or not..

        • Meg, girlfriend! NONE of us are perfect. BUT we have a very PERFECT GOD. So here’s the deal. Do your part by soaking yourself in prayer and the Word everyday. When we do that, the Holy Spirit fills us up and that is what we “spill out” to the world around us. If we are full of joy, peace, patience, kindness, etc, that is what “spill out” even at work. But, when you do have a bad day, don’t beat yourself up. Ask God to forgive you for your grumbling and then move on! Hugs!

  2. My question is in regards to chapter 1, Career, and maybe chapter 9. Ruth from chapter 1 finds herself “in a state of limbo, uncertain of her passion and direction…she was searching endlessly for a dream job that she had not yet defined.”

    In high school, I was so certain of everything. I wanted to be a scientist – I still do. But getting there hasn’t been smooth and now I’m starting to question it and if it’s what God has planned for me or is it what I have planned for myself. Now, I want to do all, be all (which is not realistic) – have all these “titles” because I can’t decide on just one. So I feel “stuck” and unsure of what my next step should be. I’m beginning to feel pulled toward something else completely unrelated to science. Something more and more filling. Something I’m not so sure has job security and is in unfamiliar territory – which is scary. This is probably a question that’s not easy to answer and maybe different for everybody, but how does someone truly know their “calling” or how do you know the difference between God’s plan and your plan? Is it really possible to know without a doubt that you’re fulfilling God’s plan for you?

    • Jessica~
      OOOHHHH good question, but a tough one. Let me chew on this for a while and I will write back a bit later in the comments. So glad you chimed in with this question!

      • I’m one that over thinks things, always has lots of questions, and likes to know every detail so maybe I’m just over analyzing. Maybe it’s just a feeling you have or one of those things where you just know (yeah, I’m not a fan of “you just know” things)? Or something you learn through trials/life experiences? Perhaps there is no “perfect answer”!

        • Jessica, I totally think you asked some legit questions. Yes, maybe sometimes we do over analyze (I’m guilty as charged!) but your thoughts are valid. I really do want to address this so be on the look out for a blog. The topic of finding our purpose is on my radar for future book projects. Hugs!

  3. I wanted to ask everyone a question howany of you have a hard time with worshipping God meaning raising your hands while singing songs on Sunday morning? I have such a hard time with that I feel so embarrassed and feel like everyone is staring at me!

    • Meg, I totally hear you on this one. Great question. I can see if how you might feel like that if your church culture really doesn’t get into worship in that way. Hmmm…let me chew on this and I will totally do a post on it. cool?

  4. Yes very cool Sarah!! There are only a few people whO raise up their hands but not very many that’s why I feel awkward!

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