Announcing the LIVE IT OUT! Shout Team

I’m nervous…very nervous to post this announcement because it is a dream that I’ve hidden in my heart for some time and I hope you are just as excited as I am about it.


Today is the start of something new and fun on LIVE IT OUT! I invite you to join me in ministry through my brand new

Live it out Shout Team

Did you know that ministry is not just for those who stand on a pulpit, those who write books and those with a Ph.D. in Divinity? You and I have a chance to LIVE OUT! our faith everyday and encourage those around us to live out the Kingship of Christ in every part of life. Everyday we have the opportunity to express the glory of our King Jesus by the words we speak, the status updates we post and the ways we serve those around us. WE DO MINISTRY EVERYDAY!

Does this get you excited? It gets me totally excited.

Over the next several months I will be rolling out opportunities for YOU to join the LIVE IT OUT! Shout Team. These will be fun and impactful ways for you to do ministry alongside of me.

Today I’m launching the Stress Point Small Group Leaders Connect for women like you who desire to gather a very small group of their friends to dig into the Bible together to grow in faith and in friendship.

StressPoint Small groups

Before you freak out thinking you are not equipped to lead your girlfriends in Bible study check out the video below…



So here is the breakdown…

~EVERYONE who signs up to be a Stress Point small group leader will receive a digital goodie pack from me packed with great encouragement to get you started. Remember…a small group is well…small!! Think about a a few girlfriends and ask them to join you in studying Stress Point. (see the sign up below)

~The first 10 leaders to sign up will be invited to join me and the other 10 leaders in a video conference. I’m looking forward to connecting with you to get you started in your Stress Point Small Group.

~On May 31st I will randomly pick one small group leader and send her Stress Point group a care package full of my favorite things for Bible study time.

Stress Point



Click HERE for info on how to order copies of Stress Point for your small group.






How does this all sound? Will you pray about inviting your friends to join you in a Stress Point small group? Here is my prayer for you…

Father God, I thank you for the women who are itching to do ministry by living out their faith with their friends. Give them courage to make this big step in joining me in the LIVE IT OUT! Shout Team. Tug on the hearts of the women You call to start a Stress Point small group and equip them with Your strength and wisdom as they take this exciting step in ministry. We will give YOU all the glory, Jesus. Amen!


Alright! Check out the sign up below. Can’t wait for you to join the LIVE IT OUT! Shout Team.



**This link will take you to a form. You need to fill this form out in order to be included in the Stress Point Small Group Leaders Connect.


Announcing the LIVE IT OUT! Shout Team — 11 Comments

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  2. I thank you so much for this article and group. I feel as though you have articulated the words that I repeatedly say and pray to God and want to do so much for God. Thanks so much. Not really sure that my friends will have the time and be willing to be apart of this. At the beginning of the year the Lord said to me change the way I operate and react to situations, mindset needs to be changed.

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