Why We Should Do This Together

Sometimes I feel like an island. All alone with my ancient macbook and a passion to talk about Jesus with anyone who will listen. But, I sit here alone on my couch (my office) in my sweaty t-shirt and workout pants and my comfy blanket that I still hang on to from my college dorm room. (Many many years past college, of course!)  I long to connect with those who love Jesus and who desire be challenged to live out our faith in new, exciting, sometimes uncomfortable ways. Will you join me? Let’s do this together!

Because though we do not see each other face to face, we can in fact, come together and spur each other on. We can spur each other forward to new levels of worship, faith, humble postures before God AND THEN shut down our computer and do life with those around us…do ministry.

Why should we do this together?

Because I want to be apart of that generation in Psalm 145 that makes much of Jesus! Let’s not miss out!

Will you join me November 3rd for a 5 week Just RISE UP! journey? 


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Are you looking at the faith of others who are bold in belief and just don’t know where that comes from?

Are you ready to RISE UP! and make changes in your life to reflect your love for Jesus?

Are you sitting on the couch of complacency just waiting to ignite your faith and make a difference with your life?

Just RISE UP!: A Call To Make Jesus Famous

***I invite you to join me in a 5 week journey full of interaction, renewal, transformation as we RISE UP! and make Jesus famous.

Just RISE UP! Online Study Starts November 3rd!

The What: Just RISE UP! online study will be a time to connect with other women who desire to “do life differently” as we study God’s Word and read through the book together.

It’s Free! All you need is a copy of Just RISE UP!, your Bible and a journal.

The Who: This study will be lead by Sarah, (me!), the author of Just RISE UP! Want to know if this study is for you? Let’s first start with who this book is NOT for…

 Just RISE UP! is not for those of us who have it all together and live a perfect faith. It is not for those who already have the Bible figured out to the letter. If you are a woman who loves Jesus (even if you’ve only known Him for five minutes) and craves something bigger than yourself, then Just RISE UP! is for you. If you need a breakthrough in faith, Just RISE UP! is for you. And if you think it’s thrilling (maybe even a bit frightening) to contemplate a big, bold belief in the King of kings, then once again, Just RISE UP! is for you.

The When: The Just RISE UP! study starts MONDAY November 3 and will finish up December 5th. It will be a FIVE week study where we read through the 5 chapters of Just RISE UP! together.

**Hosted HERE on LIVE IT OUT! blog

**Everything will be “go at your own pace.” You can always check in on the blog and work through the study when it is convenient for you. (I’m usually in my p.j’s!)

The How: All you need to do is SUBSCRIBE to LIVE IT OUT! blog (if you are already a subscriber, you are set!) Every time I post a new week’s worth of content, you will receive an email. Easy-peasy!

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**Every Monday I will post a new video with an intro to the chapter. On Mondays I will also post the Bible study and journal questions for the week.

**Every Wednesday I will check in with some guided prayer prompts.

**Every Friday I will invite you to take part in a regular feature on LIVE IT OUT! called THE LIST. It’s just a fun way to evaluate life and get to know other women.



***Be sure to order your copy of Just RISE UP!: A Call To Make Jesus Famous. Click HERE to find out where to buy it.



Why We Should Do This Together — 3 Comments

  1. Excited for the study.
    Making Jesus famous means I allow the light of Jesus love to shine through me. I stand up & do what is right in my Savior’s eyes.

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