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Hello there, Friday! It has been a weird week for me. My son had off from school both Monday and Tuesday. We had fun, yes. But this mom likes a routine my feathers get ruffled a bit when my routine is thrown off. I’m working on that. How was your week?

Let’s jump on in with the LIST. I can’t wait to hear your responses so leave a comment…let’s get to know each other.

~Describe your most favorite, comfy sweatshirt.

*Since we got a cold snap here in my neck of the woods, I dug out my husbands old, seriously old sweatshirt from the early 90’s. It is a BUM sweatshirt. Some of you might be too young to remember the BUM brand. I originally made fun of this sweatshirt years ago when he wore it one day in college. Now, I can’t live with out it. It has holes and is tattered at the sleeves. But I love it.

~What is one thing about Autumn that you look forward to each year?

*Me? I look forward to the freshness in the air that comes with cooler weather.

~What three words must you have spellcheck in order to write correctly?

Me? Grammar, privilege, recipe (random, right?)

~What album is playing on your music player of choice these days?

Me? I’m addicted to Pandora on my phone and on my laptop…so many choices!

~So many of us stress about the Christmas season these days. I’m working to simplify. What stresses you out most about Christmas?

Me? That my house doesn’t measure up to my friend’s gorgeous dwellings. This causes me to NOT invite people over sometimes. It is really sad, I know. I’m working on it.


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The LIST — 15 Comments

  1. My favorite hoodie is a line green one I got from NASA when I was 15, so it’s a decade old! The pocket is falling off and it’s lost all shape, but I could wear that thing every single day.

    I love the crisp air that lets me wear sweaters and hoodies and scarves!

    I’m a pretty good speller but I second guess myself too much so I spell check a lot!

    My album is Gavin Degraw’s new one for when I’m cleaning or editing pictures and need some pep, or Phil Wickham Ascension!

    I absolutely love Christmas and all it stands for, I’m called the Keebler elf because I pretty much bake for 2 months solid…This Christmas I’m worried about my family though. We lost my mom suddenly 3 weeks ago and she was the heart of the holidays for us.

  2. ~Describe your most favorite, comfy sweatshirt.

    – My favorite sweatshirt is also my husbands… It’s nothing special but it’s super soft with holes and it’s very worn. I love his clothes ;)

    ~What is one thing about Autumn that you look forward to each year?

    – When I think of Autumn I think about all the colors and family gatherings. Ok, so that’s not one thing but I can’t choose! I love them both :)

    ~What three words must you have spellcheck in order to write correctly?

    – receive, restaurant (just doesn’t look right to me!), there are several more but of course I can’t think of them!

    ~What album is playing on your music player of choice these days?

    – I too listen to pandora… a lot! I love so many genres of music…. worship, coutnry, pop, 80’s, southern rock….etc Right now I have it on shuffle

    ~So many of us stress about the Christmas season these days. I’m working to simplify. What stresses you out most about Christmas?

    – This year the main thing that is stressing me is making new traditions. Since this is our first Christmas married we are having to somehow merge our traditions we grew up with into one. We are enjoying making our own traditions but having to choose where we will spend Christmas morning and the rest of the day is very tiresome. I don’t like change but I’m learning to accept it.

    Happy Friday!

  3. I don’t know if I have a favorite sweatshirt? I want this though

    Autumn : cooler weather for sure and being able to curl up under a blanket!

    Spellcheck: all of them, I have fumbly fingers.

    Album: I listen to pandora a lot, I’ve been into glee & anthem lights bc I like the mashups and different arrangements of popular songs

    Christmas stress: traveling, i don’t want to this year but have no choice.

  4. Sweat shirts come and go at my house I love the brand new ones we bought in Cap Cod two years ago. Reminds me of the fun we had with our two daughters.
    Autumn in Texas is different …no bright leaves…hardly a change in weather but I love Halloween and that’s the sign for me that it’s Fall.
    Spell check…where is it? Got to learn more about how to work my computer!
    Album….I like soft music like Amy Grant and Mirrah Carry.
    BaHumbug…I love creating gifts. I don’t shop from Nov to Jan. anywhere near the malls.
    Love looking on line and getting a few things but mostly love preparing with christmas scented candles and soft music playing…I start way ahead wrapping and organizing so the “Stressors””don’t come to visit me.

  5. Any comfy sweater is great,bigger the better..right now it’s Tshirts
    Autumn not my favorite ..right now middle summer , sweltering heat and just love the birds
    Spell check everything these days as type so fast and predictive text, especially work related
    Christmas going to Israel for a week 25 th till new year , never been,

  6. My comfy sweatshirt is an older but goodie. I love wearing it when it is cold. It has horses on it that are running. A country girl at heart!

    The one thing about Autumn that I love is the cool weather and playing in it. I love to see the changes in the leaves and the world around me.

    Three words that need to be spellchecked are: necessary commotion and I can’t think of the third one right now.

    Songs playing right now are Christmas and Gospel. Love the setting of the Christmas with the songs.

    I am stressed most when I am having to work and then trying to prepare for two different dinners. But I some how, with the Grace of God, make it through.

  7. A favorite sweatshirt–well I’m bad, and OCD and can’t keep things for a long time haha. I wish I could because I’m missing some of my warm, cozy ones right now!!!

    What is one thing about Autumn that you look forward to each year?–Now Sarah, I live in TX–we have no fall haha. Growing up in the RGV, I liked knowing the 100+ degree summer was ending!

    ~What three words must you have spellcheck in order to write correctly?–Definitely (spellcheck just corrected it for me!), privilege (and it just corrected again), and any word that doesn’t “look” right!!

    ~What album is playing on your music player of choice these days?–I have a compilation cd in my car that’s on repeat, Mercy Me’s newest album, my iTunes, and youtube!!

    ~So many of us stress about the Christmas season these days. I’m working to simplify. What stresses you out most about Christmas?–Not having enough money to buy exactly what I want for everyone. Christmas is very special to me–I lost my grandma right before Christmas, and she always did it big. Then, its our wedding anniversary 3 days before Christmas.

  8. 1. A favorite sweatshirt-I love to curl up in my deceased husbands “hoodie” which is also tattered and worn, and also there are two of his sweaters that I love to wear.
    2. The one thing about Autumn–living in New England I would have to say the amazing turn of the leaves. However, this also leaves (no pun intended) me a bit sad as it marks the beginning of a long cold winter.
    3. three words I misspell: patient/patience (even trying to do so now), their silly but always reverse the “ei” and comfortable.. always want to add a “p” before the f.
    3. What album: Casting Crowns Thrive, I have a 5 cd player which is all Christian music, but the one playing right this moment is Thrive.
    4. )Christmas stress: lack of money and hate shopping. I get sad at Christmas miss my children dearly as they are all grown and living their own lives. I have begun just sending gifts to my two granddaughters, and donate a little money to Saint Jude’s hospital. in my three children’s name.

  9. Hi. I think I only have one sweatshirt. I don’t like to get to warm so I wear a lot of tshirts at home. Of course today it’s 19 degrees and we had our first snow of the season.
    What I like about Fall is just the beginning where it’s not too cold yet and it’s cooling off.
    Right now the CD I’m listening too is Chris Tomlin’s new one.
    I can’t believe it’s almost time for Thanksgiving. I’ve got one more week of work until I have the week off. Me, my Mom and brother haven’t been doing gifts the last few years so I don’t really stress too much over Christmas.

  10. I have no comfy sweatshirt. :( lol I live in Texas and love the cold!

    My favorite thing about autumn each year is the cooler air! Again- from Texas and despise the heat.

    I am always listening to air1 radio station or my own playlist on YouTube

    The thing I dread about Christmas is the commercialism of it all and how families stress unnecessarily

  11. Sorry I am late to this posting- I am a bit behind on the bible study.

    1. My favorite sweatshirt is a grey one that says Santa Fe. I bought it and wore it the very first night I met my husband. We were at an outside festival with friends and it got a bit nippy. I bought it a store that was opened at the festival. I love it because it reminds me of our first meeting. I also love an old jacket he used to wear when we were dating. I keep telling him he can’t get rid of it because it is my “boyfriend’s” jacket.
    2. My favorite thing about Autumn is the changing colors of the leaves. I love to look in my backyard and see the gold and red colors.
    3. The 3 words I have a hard time spelling are: definitely, privilege, and can’t think of one but there are more.
    4. I am listening to K-love mostly. I love Francesca Battistelli’s new album.
    5. The thing I dread about Christmas is the expense and stress. Also, I too dread having guests over because I think my house is not up to par. I need to work on being more hospitable instead of worrying about the work to get the house to look right.

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