Well helloooooo! Happy Friday everyone. Every Friday on LIVE IT OUT! I do something fun so we can just get to know each other. It’s called THE LIST and I would love for you to join in.

The List

Today’s LIST…take a look and then leave a comment with any or all of your answers to my randomness.

~To nap or not to nap?

*Me: NAP!!! I am a nap advocate. If you ever need an excuse to nap just let me know and I will come up with one for you.

~Name a place you go when you need to de-stress or get away.

*Me: I go and throw the covers over my head…see the answer above. :)

~What are you reading these days? (bonus points if it is Just RISE UP! hahahah! Just kidding…)

*Me: I’m waiting for the UPS guy to drop off my copy of Tim Keller’s new book Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy With God.

~What is your favorite hot beverage?

*Me: I don’t drink coffee but I will totally “go and have coffee” with you. I love hot tea.

~If you have been reading Just RISE UP!, what’s one way you are “doing life differently” to make Jesus famous?

*Me: I really really really try to walk my talk. Everything that I’ve written in the book was taken from my own challenges to myself. These days to make Jesus famous I’m intentionally looking for ways to serve others and be there for them even when it busts my to-do list for the day and rearranges my agenda. He is WORTHY!

Leave a comment with your list…can’t wait to see them!


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The LIST — 23 Comments

  1. Also a nap advocate lol
    My bed to is my safe haven for just about most things
    Reading Before Amen Max Lucado
    Coffee and bournvita

  2. To nap or not to nap?
    – Is this even a question?!? Of course, NAP!!!! I’m all for it (especially a Sunday afternoon nap)

    Name a place you go when you need to de-stress or get away.
    – I probably don’t have the best “get away”… I love to shop when I’m stressed (not the best thing to go to and I’m working on that) but I also love to do crafts and create things when I’m stressed out

    What are you reading these days?
    For some reason I can’t read one book at a time…. My nightstand has the following books on it: Just RIse Up! (Bonus points!!) , The Pursuit of God by AW Tozer, Magnetic by Lynn Cowell, Momentary Marriage by John Piper, Team Us: Marriage Together by Ashileigh Slatter, and Balancing it all by Candace Cameron Bure…. WHEW that’s a lot!

    What’s your favorite hot beverage?
    -COFFEE! It helps me relax :)

    If you have been reading Just RISE UP!, what’s one way you are “doing life differently” to make Jesus famous?
    -I also try to “walk my talk”. In the past I would put on the Church Girl appearance but would so not live it out. I’ve learned that my actions preach way louder than any preacher on a pulpit ever could. I’ve come to realize that the way I live out my life reflects who I think Jesus is and what I think of Him. If I don’t think much of Jesus I will be walking around with the “Church Girl” appearance but living a totally different life that revolves around me. I’m the center. If my “say and do” do not line up that’s hypocrisy. I’m so not perfect and I will always stumble but that’s the beauty of grace and mercy. But if I think highly of Jesus I’m going to place Him on a pedestal and go out of my way to serve others and love on them. I want people to look at me and see Jesus.

  3. So sorry I haven’t been around commenting. I have been leading another study so got a bit behind. I’m going to try to catch up this weekend!
    OK, on to the LIST!
    -No napping here! I can never feel the same if I sleep during the day, but my hubby on the other hand – a HUGE napper!
    -I usually just go to my bedroom or my “study” space when I need to de-stress. If I really need to get away, I’ll take a jaunt to the reservoir near our house.
    -I’m reading Just Rise Up and Before Amen by Max Lucado and The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
    -COFFEE!! Everyday, a must have.
    -I’m really trying to keep a focus on the kingdom perspective, but it’s hard!

  4. I am a nap person when I am so tired that I can not go anymore. Most of the time, I have too much other things to do to take a nap.

    To de-stress, I usually sit and watch TV and eat a snack.

    My favorite hot beverage is green tea or hot chocolate.

  5. ~To nap or not to nap?—-NAP WHEN POSSIBLE hahaha

    ~Name a place you go when you need to de-stress or get away.—Facebook, its another world right?!?!?!!?!?!?

    ~What are you reading these days? (bonus points if it is Just RISE UP! hahahah! Just kidding…)—Umm Just RISE UP!!! (for the 2nd time!!!!), “Before Amen” by Max Lucado

    ~What is your favorite hot beverage?—When its cold outside and I have a gift card or someone treating me, a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks is awesome–not a coffee drinker except when its all flavored perfectly and tastes like it costs ha

    ~If you have been reading Just RISE UP!, what’s one way you are “doing life differently” to make Jesus famous?—I’m trying to implement more praise and worship. God’s REALLY revealing this is important right now for me–the Before Amen study I’m doing, and the “Jonah” by Priscilla Shirer I’m doing at church, and Just RISE UP! are ALL along the same lines of being intentional for the kingdom of God!

  6. 1. Nap!
    2. Almost anywhere I can be by myself. Painting really helps distress and change my mood, as well.
    3.i haven’t been reading much. I am trying to memorize james so I read so of that everyday!
    4. Hot cocoa. I dream of the kind with REAL cream but with a dairy allergy I have to settle for less.
    5. I hope I do life differently by being authentic and genuine.

  7. 1) Never, I would be up all night. 2). Play a computer game in my room. 3).reading and leading a small group in Before Amen by Max Lucado, as well as Rise Up and reading the bible daily for two other studies I am participating in. 4). In the morning hot coffee, but at night I love tea with honey, my favorite right now is a blend, Caramel Vanilla from The Republic Tea Company. 5).Staying focused on our Father and his words, and follow his teachings.

  8. Hi everyone. I hardly ever take a nap. To distress, I like to take a hot bubble bath. Right now I’m reading Just Rise up and Living so That. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I like hot chocolate. When I’m praying I try to thank God for all my blessings first before I start asking him for things.

  9. No nap–but only because Sunday afternoon naps make Monday afternoons rough…

    I keep trying to read Bread and Wine by Shauna Neiquist and have to put it down. Not because I hate it. In fact, quite the opposite. I love it! And I have to put it down because it inspires me to eat and that’s not a nice thing on a World Racer’s budget.

    I totally go for coffee and order hot chocolate.

  10. To nap…It’s a “Southern Thing”, but, I like to pray myself to sleep.
    I love coffee but not without the cream and whipped cream piled high, Yum.
    A couch in my Sunroom….with soft throws if it is cold. My dogs love it too!
    “A Thousand Acres” brings memories of grow up on a farm and the familiarity of traits we have growing up in rural American.
    The most important thing I am doing is going to Bible Study…One of many of Beth Moore’s.
    I love it. Also sharing lunch with same group and talking about our “Human Missions”. Not always easy to share but I know the presence of the Lord is with us there!

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