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Happy Friday! To my friends in the U.S.A, I hope your Thanksgiving was full…that’s right…I said full. Full of grace, love, fellowship and yumminess.

To my friends outside of the U.S, I hope your week has gone well, too!

Each Friday on LIVE IT OUT! I like to take time to get to know you with some random questions that I think are fun to answer. Join in and leave a comment with your own list!

~To shop or not to shop on Black Friday?

*Me: NOT. You guys, I’m really not a shopper to begin with. Never have been. Well…I do like to shop at my favorite craft store. I could spend hours there just looking. Anyway, Black Friday stresses me out. I like to think about Christmas only after Thanksgiving so jumping right in like that with everyone and their mother just puts me over the edge.

~What are your plans for Advent this year?

*Me: I’m really simplifying things this year. I mean…really. We are reading a family Advent book by Ann Voskamp, Unwrapping The Greatest Gift. I would really love to phase out Santa, to be honest. I’ve also planned some family giving activities such as spending an evening looking at the Compassion International Giving catalog. We usually let our 6 year old pick out the gifts for children such as safe playground equipment, books for school, chickens or goats…so fun!

Last year I blogged Advent: Awe and Wonder…check it out!

~Name your all time favorite Christmas music albums.

*Me: Amy Grant: Home For Christmas, Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas

~What’s your favorite Christmas candle scent?

*Me: Candied Pecan. I love food.

Alrighty…your turn…and…go.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! :)
    – I do not Black Friday shop. Mainly because I don’t love shopping and I definitely hate packed stores..I get shopping cart road rage!
    – we don’t actually do the advent thing per say..Our family focus is on acts of service, and now that my mom is gone it’s my job to bake for all the widow/widowers of our church!
    – I also love Mariah Carey’s album! Josh Groban’s Noel, and the Transiberian Orchestra album!
    – I love candles but they make my head hurt so I don’t burn too favorite is vanilla sandlewood or campfire logs!

  2. Hi. I haven’t done Black Friday in several years and don’t plan to. I did have a lapse in judgment last night since the Cowboys were losing, I went to Walmart to get a Pyrex storage set on sale for the 6:00 sale. That’s the first and last time I’ve ever done that. I think I’ll be staying in my pajamas today to recover.

    For Christmas, my Mom and brother will come over to eat. My brother and I are going to the Festival of Lights and the Botanical Garden next week.

    I don’t really have a favorite Christmas CD. I mostly just listen to it on the radio and I love Christmas candles with cinnamon or pumpkin scents.

  3. AAgh – another week got away from me! I am going to catch up – I really am!

    Black Friday – NO, I have never set foot in a store on Black Friday. I avoid it at all costs!
    For Advent, we will just be keeping it simple. Shopping is pretty much done, so we’ll be spending time together with family and just enjoying the season. Just last night we picked out all the gifts we are giving from the Samaritan’s Purse catalog. That was so fun and it really keeps us focused. Not that we don’t still have Santa (which I am hoping this is the last year for “double” gift giving), but just having those moments of reflection that we give to the time spent in looking through that catalog are important to our family.

    Favorite Christmas CD – Chris Tomlin Glory in the Highest – I listen to this repeatedly every year!

    Favorite Christmas Scent – Bath & Body Works Winter or I also love cranberry/mandarin.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving all!!
    ~To shop or not to shop on Black Friday?
    Ehhhhh I’m not a Black Friday get up early and shop–if I’m out and about I might go by a place haha

    ~What are your plans for Advent this year?
    We are also doing the family Advent book by Ann Voskamp, Unwrapping The Greatest Gift. I agree with you about phasing out Santa–we don’t “talk” Santa really around our little boy. He gets 3 gifts from us like Baby Jesus got. We’re trying to incorporate more “giving” since he is understanding about others not being as fortunate as we are.

    ~Name your all time favorite Christmas music albums.
    Michael W Smith and Elvis jaha

    ~What’s your favorite Christmas candle scent
    Anything cinnamon spiced!!!!

  5. To shop or not to shop….Well this is something I am working on. Shopping is a convientent way to spend my time…my bad! I did not shop on this silly day because it’s really not necessary. I have bought my christmas gifts through out the year and I”m done. Going out to shop only makes me want to buy more. I am working hard on disciplining myself not to spend. It’s like someone on a diet who knows not to eat unless you are hunger. So hard. God’s helped me a lot I know because I have really STOPPED going to stores just to LOOK. It’s just a temptation. With God helping me it’s been a lot easier than I thought.
    What are your plans for Advent? Staging the coming of Jesus in my house and my daily prayer. Slowly I am decorating and thinking about what it would be like to have Jesus step into my house. I was gifted with a presentation of Beth Moore’s on ADVENT. I came away with the idea that I must look around and listen for the Lord’s voice to tell me or guide me in the right direction of preparation of his birth.
    You want the silly one or the serious one? Hard candy Christmas by Dollie Pardon and anything Amy Grant sings for christmas. I spend hours of listening to her while preparing my house for the Birthday of Christ.
    I like the mixed scents of spices…cloves, mint,cranberry…anything that smells like incense used in church celebrations. I grew up Catholic and the incense reminds me of church ceremonies that seemed as a child very important. My five senses play a big part of my preparation of this wonderful remembrance of a Baby boy born in a manger….who became man and walked with humans explaining to his flock his Fathers wishes. And finally on that gruesome day died to save us from our sin. Wow what a story to behold in your heart all year long!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    BABY JESUS!!!!

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