Well it is Friday, I finally have my life schedule worked out, and it feels just right to start THE LIST again each Friday. In the past, this has been a fun way to hear from YOU and get to know quirky stuff about ya.

The List

I will post a random assortment of questions and give my random assortment of personal answers. Sometimes they are TMI, sometimes really legit, and sometimes just flat out fun. Will you do the same? I would love to hear from you!

So here we go…

~The obligatory deserted island question…In addition to your Bible, (you know, ’cause we are such good Jesus girls right? ;)) What is one thing you just have to have if you were stranded on a deserted island to keep you entertained?

Me: Since we are just talking about entertainment and since there’s no way to technically include the television, I would have to say my art supplies. Specifically I would love my watercolors since there’s obviously an abundance of water around. Would be fun to splash around some color while working on my tan and praying for a ship to come rescue me.

~What’s one thing God is teaching you in this season?

Me: This was a summer of transition for our family as we moved from North Carolina to Texas. Lots of stress on our family, but we have had a grand time exploring our new/old city. (We’ve lived here before!) Honestly, I’ve learned some tough lessons in the “thou shalt submit to your husband” zone of the Bible. It’s legit. My husband is a godly man who seeks after the Lord and SOMEONE needs to be the leaders. So, I’m glad it is him! Not always fun but I know deep down that God will bless the submitting.

~What is one of your favorite ways to worship the Lord these days?

Me: Getting some instrumental music going and messing around with my paints. I’m learning that yes worship is singing and praise, but there is worship in any thing we do when we turn our affection toward making much of Him. Yes!

I think I will keep it at 3 questions this week since 2 out of 3 are pretty deep questions!

Leave your list! Can’t wait to read…


THE LIST is BACK — 10 Comments

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  2. 1-I guess I’d want Cameron and Steve, as well as my mom and dad to be deserted with me ha
    2-to trust Him-He always comes through
    3-I’m not singing on the stage much anymore or as often as I would like to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t go all worship mode singing at home. I feel something huge coming, so I’m trying to sit back and worship Him with my ministry while I sit and wait.

  3. 1. Leave me with paper and pens and I am the happiest girl out. Of course that means “pretty” pens like gels of differing colours.
    2. Remembering that God is in charge of our destiny. I retire from my teaching job at the close of our school year in December and finances are a worry. I have to remind myself not to worry as God will provide
    3. Just being quiet in the presence of the Lord. Shutting out everything and everyone

  4. *I would want a good sharp Swiss army knife that has all of the different parts. Tools are a necessary part of life just life the bible is an essential tool to our spiritual life. It can also be used to whittle a piece of driftwood into a piece of art among other things.

    *God is teaching me to trust Him and not to trust what I see with my eyes. What I see with my eyes can be unsettling and seemingly without a way to change circumstances. But my God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that I ask or think.

    *When my heart is overwhelmed, as it often is, I prostrate myself on the carpet and begin to pray out loud the incredible attributes of my God and thank Him for never leaving or forsaking me. Praise and worship begins to flow over me.

  5. 1) I would want my camera (with back up batteries of course) I can’t imagine being somewhere so incredible and not capturing every minute detail <3
    2) God is constantly teaching me that he does have a plan for my future, but he is also excited to use me how I am where I am, so I should be too!
    3) I always hit a great worship stride when I'm traveling. And since I'm taking a night class an hour away 3 nights a week now, I get to spend a lot of time just quiet in his presence on the way there.
    Also, what part of Texas?! I'm in Northeast Texas!

  6. 1- art supplies for sure!
    2- to run MY race, at my speed, not caring what others think about it.
    3- running my race and looking to Jesus for the next steps

  7. 1. Is there power on this desert island? Cuz if there is, all I really need is my computer. Entertainment for days. There doesn’t even have to be internet.
    2. That He is good–even when life is not.
    3. I love getting to sit and chat with Him. I’m highly visual so I visualize the two of us hanging out and chatting. He’s so talkative… and I’m not quiet either. ;)

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