Sooner THAN Later

Hi friend! How is life? I wanted to hop on the blog to check in and leave you with an article that I wrote for I’m super passionate about it. Things are going well around here. I attended The Influence Conference in September and came home all fired up to get a new book project started and find a new publisher. Then a bit of “real life” hit and we decided as a family that it would be GREAT if I started a part time job. I has been great and takes a bunch of stress off of the … Continue Reading »»


Today is Friiidaaaay, today is Fridaaaay, is everybody happy well I should say! Hi friends! Welcome to Friday and the LIVE IT OUT! List. Mind if I take this list to be a teeny, tiny bit selfish? Ok! :) I am in desperate need of your thoughts. You all bring so many lovely things to the List each time so will you take a moment to consider these questions? I am working on a new project to pitch to a publisher and I want to make sure I am on the right track. Whenever I write, it is so important … Continue Reading »»

When There’s No Shame In Naptime

How is your Thursday, friends? With the Labor Day holiday this week is a bit off…but in a good way. We are already closer to the weekend, right? Our son actually had school on Labor Day which meant Mom and Dad had a date day. Quite nice. Monday was not the typical Monday. Tuesday was the “Monday.” I didn’t have a ton on my plate but I did have a few uncertainties heavy on my heart. Unanswered questions and what’s next type questions. Nothing major or life changing or dramatic, but just stuff messing with my mind. Isn’t it funny how … Continue Reading »»