When Does It Feel Like Home?

The boxes, the ugly brown boxes with slick tape and words like fragile, living room, guest room stack up in the new garage. Those same boxes occupy my new, would be writing room. But there is progress happening in our new home. Those same boxes used to take up living space in the family room, my closet, kitchen are shuffled to a more manageable place so we might do life. I’m asked by sweet friends if we are settled in. I hesitate and take a deep breath. Well… My first inclination is to say not quite. The walls stand bare. … Continue Reading »»

This Wonderfully Messy World

Friends! I am really excited to bring you these words from my friend, Laurie Coombs. Laurie and I have known each other for gosh, about five years now. We’ve encouraged each other in our writing journeys and I am thrilled that Laurie’s new book has released. I had the privilege of getting my hands on an early copy of the book Letters From My Father’s Murderer: A Journey of Forgiveness.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I could NOT put this book down and I read it straight through while traveling back in February. It is a captivating … Continue Reading »»

How To NOT Be Awkward

Did that title catch your attention? Well, I just have to say I’m being snarky. I actually don’t know how to NOT be awkward but I’m starting to learn how to well…cope…with the awkward. More on that in a bit. {So many of you have been super kind and encouraging in my prelude to the big move from North Carolina to Texas. I wanted to take a post to give an update on what’s transpired and what I’ve learned so far.} Monday morning. A day to prep and pack for a month of living in temporary housing. A day to … Continue Reading »»