Sooner THAN Later

Hi friend! How is life?

I wanted to hop on the blog to check in and leave you with an article that I wrote for I’m super passionate about it. Things are going well around here. I attended The Influence Conference in September and came home all fired up to get a new book project started and find a new publisher. Then a bit of “real life” hit and we decided as a family that it would be GREAT if I started a part time job. I has been great and takes a bunch of stress off of the ol’ bank account. I’ve been substituting for my son’s school. Whew! Tons of adorable elementary kids eager to give hugs and high fives.

It has been an adjustment for sure but I am sitting in the peace and confidence that this is right where I need to be…even if this makes my writing time few and far between. I am making the most of getting out of the house and out from behind my laptop as I am boldly asking God to show me more of His presence. You see now I am outside of my comfortable chair and blanket and laptop and forced to seek Him in the real world. This is a good thing. A very good thing. I’m looking forward to new thoughts and perspectives to share with you in the future.

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Here is a teeny tiny bit of the article I wrote, Confronting Casual Christianity. I would be honored if you would click over to iBelieve and check out the rest of it!

A phrase has taken captive my heart and mind over the last few days, one that we’ve all said probably with out knowing we’ve said it. It is part of our language.

Sooner or later

I’ve caught myself saying this phrase in the past when I’ve contemplated God’s kingdom and my place in it. Sooner or later I will be good enough for God. Sooner or later I will find forgiveness. Sooner or later I will give forgiveness. Sooner or later I will have enough money to donate or time to volunteer.

These are things we tell ourselves will happen when the time is right or when we feel right about it. There’s a sense of passivity of this phrase, sooner or later. When we put off taking our place in God’s kingdom until when we are good enough, have an abundance of money, a surplus of time we make ourselves vulnerable to missing out.


I hope your fall is going well and that you are finding your sweet spot with the Lord!


Today is Friiidaaaay, today is Fridaaaay, is everybody happy well I should say!

The List

Hi friends! Welcome to Friday and the LIVE IT OUT! List. Mind if I take this list to be a teeny, tiny bit selfish? Ok! :) I am in desperate need of your thoughts. You all bring so many lovely things to the List each time so will you take a moment to consider these questions? I am working on a new project to pitch to a publisher and I want to make sure I am on the right track. Whenever I write, it is so important to me that I am cutting to the chase and writing to what will serve you and usher you into a more meaningful conversation with Jesus. So here goes. This is a bit raw for me to ask these questions and put the whole book project out there. Raw and nerve racking.

While the title is not nailed down the main concept of this new project is: Meditations on a Life Entangled in the Presence of God.

It would mean so very much if you would take a quick sec and leave a comment to any or all of the questions below. I cherish your thoughts and ideas.

~The word entangled can have all kinds of connotations attached to it. But, what does the image of “life entangled in the presence of God” say to you? What do you first think of?

~ What kinds of limitations do you feel (if any) does the world…or maybe even the church… put on your personal interaction with the Lord via prayer, His Word, worship, His creation?

~ While still grounded in Scripture, prayer, worship, what do you long to see in your relationship with Jesus? What seems to be keeping you from experiencing God in fresh ways? What limitations do you place in your relationship with Him?

Ok…those were pretty heavy questions. I seriously can’t wait to see what you think. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for taking time to share these with me. If you feel like you would rather not share publicly, PLEASE feel free to hit the contact button at the top of this page and it will email me directly with your thoughts.

Hugs to you!


When There’s No Shame In Naptime

How is your Thursday, friends? With the Labor Day holiday this week is a bit off…but in a good way. We are already closer to the weekend, right? Our son actually had school on Labor Day which meant Mom and Dad had a date day. Quite nice. Monday was not the typical Monday.

Tuesday was the “Monday.”

I didn’t have a ton on my plate but I did have a few uncertainties heavy on my heart. Unanswered questions and what’s next type questions. Nothing major or life changing or dramatic, but just stuff messing with my mind. Isn’t it funny how we can allow the things that really make a big splash of drama in our life to just happen and we go with the flow. On this Tuesday, it was the little nagging questions that through me off my game.

I turned to what we often resort to first: texting a friend for advice or prayer. Said friend did her lovely duty and left me with encouragement. But yet, that heaviness still very present. I allowed my thoughts to rabbit trail to worst case scenario. It’s not fun to live in my mind. Is it fun to live in yours? Want to trade?

After a lunch of leftovers from the night before and catching up with my DVR of entertainment news, (this is what I do on my typical lunch break–guilty pleasure. Trying to stay relevant. wink wink.) I caved and gave into this nagging need to escape and take a nap. Oh I love naps. You get the fan going and the escape of it is pure bliss. This time, though, the chatter in my brain kept the bliss at bay. Not ready to give in and quit the nap, I made a conscious decision. This might sound weird. Yes. I say it is, in fact, a bit weird.

That moment with my head on the soft pillow I turned off the chatter and surrendered. I literally visualized myself sitting like Mary (verses a Martha) at the feet of Jesus to soak in His presence. Trading in the head chatter for pure peace. In this nap time a physical act of rest would translate into a spiritual act of rest and surrender. As I drifted off I recall asking the Lord for answers with a calm peace which comes from KNOWING that He hears our prayers…even in a nap slumber.

I woke up less than an hour later to a voicemail answering my questions and alleviating the pre-nap anxiety. Wait what? In the time I laid down (both literally and symbolically) God did His thing?

I rolled out of bed determined to redeem the rest of the day with productivity but I moved forward with a posture of gratitude and worship. I know deep down that that God will not always answer my prayers so quickly (like on my timeline!) as if I commanded Him to make things happen by the time I woke from my slumber. No. This was a moment of learning what happens when surrender turns into an act of worship.

A heart shift happens.

I hear you.I see you.I AM moving.I AM God.Rest (1)

A sweet sense of praise and a glimpse into God’s goodness reminded me of my need to worship daily with acts of surrender. With this naptime prayer answered, God whispered into my soul, “I hear you. I see you. I AM moving. I AM God. Surrender and rest, my dear.”

An act of worship in the act of surrender. You might not be a napper, friend. Maybe your act of surrender looks differently than mine. I pray today you will find your sweet spot and come to a place where you hear Him say REST and SURRENDER. AMEN!