Day 11: Live In Reality

Can I thank you again for joining me in this 21 day feast? Yes, the act of worship is and should be worship-full and joy-filled regardless of circumstances. But honestly, this journey is best done together, don’t you think? When we sit at the table of our feast individually, yes, He is blessed. I know it. But joining together in community encouraging each other to keep going, to keep praising His name (no matter if we “feel” like it or not) makes the feast so much the more tasty. Today’s verse brings me back to a concept that continually invigorates … Continue Reading »»

A page in my journal: A plea

Every now and again I will share bits of the words scribbled in my journal. These are unedited, raw and personal thoughts that I share in hopes that someone, who might feel the same way, will find encouragement. I started my journal time reflecting on Psalm 145:7 which is the prominent inspiration for my book Just RISE UP! Something about the phrase “pour forth your fame…” elicits a visual picture of God’s glory…His fame. I am constantly begging God to let me experience just that. They shall pour forth the fame of your abundant goodness and shall sing aloud of … Continue Reading »»

Advent: Awe and Wonder Day 13

        *****Wow…friends…this never published like I intended it to! Wow…here it is…late… Anyone else taking a deep breath today–FRIDAY?  When I started this journey of seeking Awe and Wonder I promised myself I wouldn’t get caught up in the busy this Christmas season. It is tough though not to get caught up in it, right? Let’s take a quiet moment of worship and seek God’s Awe and Wonder with in the pages of His Word. Today’s Advent Scripture: Ezekiel 34:20-23 from THE VOICE Advent readings: So this is what the Eternal Lord has to say to them: … Continue Reading »»