A Page In My Journal: Be Sensitive

Be Sensitive. A page in my journal. Sensitive to the presence of Jesus in my life in 2013.  Every now and again I take some time to just spill out a page in my journal–unedited and raw; sensitive. This page helped me work through my heart call for 2013: To live sensitive. Sensitive to God’s presence in my life. Sensitive to His direction. Sensitive to His Holy Spirit. The words of John 14:26-27 inspired me to scribble out these words as a page in my journal. But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, … Continue Reading »»

Left Up To My Own Devices

When left up to my own devices, I’m one wretched chick I tell ya.                                                               Source: via Sarah on Pinterest   This past week I was sick in bed with the flu. Not cute. All I wanted to do was lay there and eat cookies (cause that’s the only thing I could stomach). I guess I felt like my Bible was too heavy and I didn’t have the strength to heft … Continue Reading »»

A Page In My Journal: No Distinction

In the quiet morning light I’ve been reading through the book of Romans. Whew…this book is intense. So much to chew on and pray through. Reading through the chapters has reminded me of some conversations that I’ve had in real life and online with my girlfriends who struggle with the notion of forgiveness.  It breaks my heart that these sweet women, who truly desire to live out their faith, feel like they don’t deserve the forgiveness that our King Jesus offered with His blood on the cross of Calvary. Something in them keeps them from moving on from their past … Continue Reading »»