Awe and Wonder of Epiphany

This candy cane tastes divine. I’m twisting it in my mouth and savoring this last taste of Christmas. Yes… I stashed away one last  candy cane for January 6 — Epiphany. I want to do everthing I can to hang on to the sweetness I feel in my heart coming out of the Advent season. This is my way of memorializing what God planted in my heart along the journey of seeking the Awe and Wonder…looking past the familiar of the season to see His goodness…His greatness. A candy cane is familiar. We pass around many of them through out … Continue Reading »»

Advent: Awe and Wonder Day 24

Oh it is so easy to get caught up in it all. To get caught up in preparation, perfection, activities, merriment over Christmas. That is what is most familiar to me: the attempt make everything look like a Norman Rockwell painting which will hopefully be engrained in everyone’s mind as the picture perfect Christmas experience. I got caught up in it yesterday, the day before Christmas Eve…the eve before the coming birth of our King. I got caught up and stressed out and all out cranky. It wasn’t pretty. But what is pretty is the idea that we are allowed, … Continue Reading »»

Advent: Awe and Wonder Day 23

Several times through out our Awe and Wonder journey we have encountered Advent Scripture that stand familiar to our traditional readings we might typically participate in during this season. Several of the Advent Scriptures in the line up were, honestly, non-traditional and expanded our purview of the expected and stretched us to see God’s Awe and Wonder. Don’t you love it? Today’s reading is the former, quite familiar. Join me in a quiet space with a quiet heart and a posture of Awe and Wonder by simply reading the Scripture below with fresh eyes. All we will do today is … Continue Reading »»