Advent: Awe and Wonder Day 2

Bold Declarations. During this Advent may we be bold. May we declare God’s Awe and Wonder at every turn of our day. Something in me excites at the idea that I know what I believe. But, am I willing to boldly declare it? ~Declare it in my personal journal for my eyes (and Jesus!) to see. ~Declare it in my deep thoughts. The thoughts that drive my attitude and demeanor towards others. ~Declare it in my heart. The place, the root, where outpouring of faith begins. ~Declare it with my spoken words. This is tough. What will people think when … Continue Reading »»

Advent Awe and Wonder Day 1

I want this year to be different. I want to stay out of the rut of all the coming and going and buying and fretting that comes with the commercialized Christmas. I want to peel back the layers of familiarity of the season, the familiar carols, the familiar food, the familiar traditions and seek the AWE and Wonder of the Advent –– the coming–– of our savior Jesus. All of this familiar is a good thing. Yes.  But what is not good is when we let it become routine  instead of worship.  Join me today on our Advent Awe and … Continue Reading »»

Why I’m Seeking Awe and Wonder

This week I announced my new Advent 2013: Awe and Wonder blog series. Wanted to share my heart behind the series to personally invite you to join in on the seeking of Jesus this Christmas season. Check out my video below. CLICK HERE for more info on the blog series. (link to video) To receive Advent: Awe and Wonder in your inbox Subscribe to LIVE IT OUT! by Email … Continue Reading »»