Stuck In The Numb

Thank you everyone for joining in on the conversation a couple of weeks ago, Living In The Raw. For those of you who commented, you inspire me. It takes courage to even talk about those raw parts of our heart. For me, that might have been the most vulnerable I’ve been on the world wide web, which says alot as I try my best to be open and honest at all times.   One sweet reader added to the convo with this really great question which I thought would be a good follow up discussion for us all. Here is … Continue Reading »»

Go ahead and belt it out!

Just something I wrote a while back… Picture with me a gigantic hall filled to standing room only with angels elaborately worshiping God. The sole purpose of these angels is to adorn our Lord with song and praise so foreign to our human ear that we can’t even fathom the sound of the notes coming from their mouth. Look down at the end of the hall in the direction of this worship where Jesus sits majestically on a throne shining with jewels of every color of the rainbow. You might even need to shade your eyes for the brightness and … Continue Reading »»

When blah bleeds into your job

I have no reason what so ever to EVER feel blah about my job. NO REASON. But, yet, there are times in the year when I’m just not excited to get to work. Do you ever experience this?   I’ve come to realize that I can not count on the feeling of “I want to.” Feelings are wishy washy an deceiving — not always to be trusted. So when the blahs come around in regards to my job, I have to realize up front exactly what is going on…my feelings are getting in the way.