Three Ways To Stop The Comparison Game TODAY

We’ve all played the game. You know it and I know it, the comparison game is one that rears it’s ugliness and traps us even in our best moments. Somehow, someway this comparison game runs rampant among women. And, not just among women but between women as this game we play in our heads facilitates broken friendships, missed life callings, and all out sin. Yep, I said sin. I don’t like writing that anymore than I like reading that my seemingly innocuous thoughts and comparisons are considered by the Lord as flat out sin. This truth straight from the book … Continue Reading »»

Super Girl

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my friend Mandy Smith and have her share some seriously great encouragement for those of us who have dreamed of being SuperWoman…       A friend of mine was meeting me for lunch recently, and since it was such a beautiful day, I decided to sit on the outside bench while I waited. After a minute or two a mother with her young daughter came and sat down near me. I couldn’t help but notice that right in front of me was, in fact, Supergirl. She had a pink cape on, pink Air … Continue Reading »»

Cling To The Community

Have you ever felt alone or that you stick out from the crowd? Have you ever felt alone because you are the only one around who loves the Lord? Today’s post is for you. Meet my sweet friend Everly. She has a word for each of us about the importance of clinging to the family and community of God. They call it a family, this group of Christ-followers. “The family of God.” It sounds like some holy, happy reunion. And it is! It’s just a glimpse of heaven, but it’s truly good. A holy family accepts our ups and downs, … Continue Reading »»