Just RISE UP! Online Study-Final Week!

You all!!! We did it. We have journeyed together. We have done the tough stuff. We have dug deep. Thank you for joining me on the Just RISE UP! study over the past month. Let’s finish strong with Chapter 5. Influence. That’s a big word. Obedience and authenticity. Those are big words too. But before we get too intimidated by the enormity of these concepts, let us remember that HE is WORTHY. Right? Watch the video below for my thoughts on rising up with influence.   Dig IN! ~After you’ve had a chance to read sections one and two of … Continue Reading »»

Just RISE UP! Online Study Midweek

Welcome to Wednesday. Thank you for joining in on the Just RISE UP! journey. If you are curious what this is all about…read more HERE. Would love for you to join in. Check out my video blog for this week to give you some added thoughts of where I’m personally coming from on this topic.   This week’s topic, Dreams, Purpose, and God’s Agenda (CHAPTER 4), is really weighing heavy on my heart. You see, I love to think and ponder and dream. I’m an ideas person. But, God has brought me to a place where I know that I … Continue Reading »»

Just RISE UP! Online Study Week 4 Intro

I’m so grateful for you, friend. I’m so grateful that you’ve chosen to spend a few precious moments of your day on this small space with in the world wide web. Thank you. This week’s Just RISE UP! chapter: Our Dreams, Purpose, and God’s Agenda from Chapter 4. I invite you to start reading the chapter that was probably the most difficult for me to write. Why? Because I’m still working through this topic, daily. I’ve shared what God is teaching me so far and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. No matter what stage of life you are … Continue Reading »»