What True Prospering Looks Like

I look at my calendar for the month of May and then for the month of June. Each day is up in the air. I have no true plans nor do I really know what our summer looks like. I lift my eyebrows and quell the flutter in my heart. Being Type A does that to you. Having no real plan, I feel like we are on shaky ground. Even the platform wedges I convinced myself to wear on my last date night feel more sturdy than my life at the moment. I’m thinking it’s not just the Type A’s … Continue Reading »»

Oh The Words We Use

My little guy was quite chatty in our car ride after school yesterday. Usually I get the obligatory “fine” or “good” upon asking about school, recess, or lunch. (His two favorite subjects at school, of course) So you better believe I fed into it with absolute and utter interest in his chatter about super heros and playground antics that led to mud stains on his jeans. For this super hero talk would surely lead to more words to discover how the day truly unfolded. And so it did. And so I discovered that my little first grader received a warning … Continue Reading »»

So Many Voices

As I drove down the road, resisting the temptation to flip on the radio, I drove in silence. I needed quiet. I need to de-clutter my soul from the noise around that threatened distraction and assured confusion. So many voices to listen to these days. Voices on our newsfeed, voices dinging in text boxes, voices catching our attention with unattainable images on social media screaming into our heart. At that moment, I needed that silence. I needed a void. I needed to hear just one Voice. How did I know I needed just one voice at that moment?  In my … Continue Reading »»