I Ate The Plate Of Cookies

***This is a re-post from July 2013. I needed to reread it myself so I thought I would pass it back along to you!*** Over the past month and a half I have been making a B.I.G. effort to eat healthy and mostly just have some portion control. I really haven’t felt deprived. At least I didn’t think so until I made a batch of cookies for a celebration.   First it started with the cookie dough. Yes, it was the store bought kind. But for me, if it is made from a box or a tube of dough…then it … Continue Reading »»

On Lipstick and Decades: Seeking, Dwelling and Finding Answers To Who We Are

The shape looked different than my normal lipsticks. It pointed toward the tip and sloped in the middle. Somehow on this quiet Sunday morning where thy busyness of a typical morning routine fell absent, I noticed my go-to autumn colored lipstick tip. As I continued with my make-up routine, I mused over those old teeny bopper magazines I used to giggle over with my girlfriends. We’d sit on our hot pink covered beds as we smacked and popped even hotter pink bubble gum while reading articles that grabbed our attention: What The Shape Of Your Lipstick Says About You. As … Continue Reading »»

What it looks like to sit still in prayer

A list runs through my mind as I pray. Things weighing heaving on my heart. Things I’m unsure about and need direction. Things I need. Things I think I need, but really just want. Things I’m hoping for friends and family. Things I need forgiveness. It is quite busy in my head as I take a deep breath and talk to my King. I talk so much in many areas of my life, why should that be different with my prayer conversations? The busy-ness in my head is quite exhausting and drowns out what I really need, what my heart … Continue Reading »»