Devoted to Conversation

  There is one common question I am asked continually by readers, friends and those I mentor:   How do I stay on the bandwagon? How do I stay motivated to make time for Jesus? How do I have an effective “quiet time” or “devotion time?” My answer to share is so very simple, yet really not that simple. I would like for you to hear me out with an open mind as we rearrange our perspective on this topic. We stay passionate about our time with Jesus, our time in the Bible, our time in prayer by looking at … Continue Reading »»

How This TYPE A Sits Still

I felt a theme pass over my heart: Sit still and be filled by Jesus, Go only when He says Go! This theme is a way of thinking, a way of life, a way of worship for me this year. I’m almost embarrassed to share it for fear that you might think that I, the one who talks about making Jesus famous and living out His Kingship, do not nor never have sat still and filled up by Jesus. Pride,right? Heaven forbid anyone think this is a NEW thing God is doing in my life. Nope. Not a new thing. … Continue Reading »»

I pressed pause

I was so very cozy. I didn’t want to leave my little cozy work space I created on my couch with my books, my journals, my laptop. The heater warmed me up to a toasty 70 degrees, my Pandora station kicked out great, inspiring worship music and I felt so good snuggled in to get some study in, to get some time with the Lord and then some time to write about it. My phone rang. It was my son’s teacher. The 5 year old had an accident in his little blue jeans. My first reaction: Child…you are potty trained … Continue Reading »»