Exodus 14-16

Take a look again at Exodus chapter 14. I am sure we all heard the Red Sea account year after year in Vacation Bible School. It is easy to skim through the parts we think we already know. But, take time to read it again and observe God’s mighty hand in saving the Israelites. As many times as I have read this passage, I never payed much attention to verses 13-14. The Israelites were doubting God’s motives as the Egyptians were fast approaching. They had a 600 chariot army on one side and the Red Sea on the other. It … Continue Reading »»

Exodus 11-13, Forshadow

Today I want to focus on a passage in chapter 12 which is chock full of meaning, symbolism and foreshadow of what Christ would do on the cross many many centuries later. God is so cool in how he delivered the Israelites from His judgement on Egypt and then how He delivers us from our sins when we have Christ as our Lord and King. Please read the following passage. It is a tad long, but worth taking another look at so hang in there and soak in all of the rich symbolism. Exodus 12:3-13 (New International Version)3 Tell the … Continue Reading »»

Exodus 8-10, Get a Clue!

Exodus chapters 8-10 is a continuation of God’s judgement against Pharaoh and Egypt for not letting the Israelites go. Like I said yesterday, you would think Pharaoh would get a clue! But no, his heart was hardened each time. This just goes to show how far gone Pharaoh really was not to be effected by these plagues! God was doing serious things to get his attention. Is God doing crazy things in your life so you would get a clue? Are you getting it? Sometimes we need a wake-up call and sometimes its not pretty. Why don’t we all save … Continue Reading »»