Exodus 5-7, Crazy Things

The book of Exodus is a great example of how God can do any ol’ thing He wants to. There are some example of the crazy, unimaginable things that God did to Pharaoh in the first several chapters of Exodus. Talk to Moses with a burning bush that doesn’t burn to a crispTurn a staff into a serpentMake Moses’ hand leprous and then heal it againTurn the whole Nile river water to blood-yikes!Many more to come in the following chapters! Now, this was all done to get either Moses’ attention or to convince Pharaoh to let the Israelites go. You … Continue Reading »»

Exodus 1-4, Four Words

The book of Exodus marks a new chapter for the Israelites. They have spent many years as slaves to the Egyptians and God has chosen Moses to lead them out of Egypt and into the Promise Land of Caanan. Chapter 3 holds a very important phrase that carries us through the whole Bible: I AM WHO I AMFour simple words on the surface, yet they are overflowing with significance to Israel and to us as well. This phrase is, at the most basic level, is God’s way of describing Himself. Because this is such a rich, deep topic, I don’t … Continue Reading »»