permission to sweat

This week I had the opportunity to write about my fitness journey for She Seeks.  I would love for you to go and check out my {inspirational entry} as well as my interview with my friend, Bridget, a fitness pro.  Bridgette created a special time saver workout for our She Seeks readers and it will kick your heiney –– in a good way! As I mentioned on She Seeks, I have this weird obsession with workout videos.  You should see my shelf which is jammed packed with at least 30 DVDs and a large handful of old VHS workouts!  So, … Continue Reading »»

A moment of weakness

Two words: Stomach bug. Another two words: Not cute. That is really all I will say to the details of the past four days of my life because who really wants to hear about a girl crying out to Jesus in pure pain while munching on bland saltines and sipping — literally sipping — ginger ale from a Big Gulp.  Again, NOT CUTE. Once I regained a bit of strength I picked up my Blackberry to check in on Facebook and beg for prayers of healing while I was at it.  Suddenly a wave rushed over me and it was … Continue Reading »»