On Lipstick and Decades: Seeking, Dwelling and Finding Answers To Who We Are

The shape looked different than my normal lipsticks. It pointed toward the tip and sloped in the middle. Somehow on this quiet Sunday morning where thy busyness of a typical morning routine fell absent, I noticed my go-to autumn colored lipstick tip. As I continued with my make-up routine, I mused over those old teeny bopper magazines I used to giggle over with my girlfriends. We’d sit on our hot pink covered beds as we smacked and popped even hotter pink bubble gum while reading articles that grabbed our attention: What The Shape Of Your Lipstick Says About You. As … Continue Reading »»

I pressed pause

I was so very cozy. I didn’t want to leave my little cozy work space I created on my couch with my books, my journals, my laptop. The heater warmed me up to a toasty 70 degrees, my Pandora station kicked out great, inspiring worship music and I felt so good snuggled in to get some study in, to get some time with the Lord and then some time to write about it. My phone rang. It was my son’s teacher. The 5 year old had an accident in his little blue jeans. My first reaction: Child…you are potty trained … Continue Reading »»

I HATE Taking Pictures

Ok, so I know that HATE is a strong word to use. Maybe dislike would be a better, softer choice of words? Nope. I honestly, truly, sincerely HATE taking pictures of myself. Now, before I start sounding like I’m fishing for compliments here, please know that I’m sharing this out of my own need to work through my weird, self focused issues of photographing my own mug. Any day of the week I will snap a quick pick of my stinkin’ cute 5 year old son as he makes goofy faces. He sure does  know how to make goofy faces … Continue Reading »»