Stuck In The Numb

Thank you everyone for joining in on the conversation a couple of weeks ago, Living In The Raw. For those of you who commented, you inspire me. It takes courage to even talk about those raw parts of our heart. For me, that might have been the most vulnerable I’ve been on the world wide web, which says alot as I try my best to be open and honest at all times.   One sweet reader added to the convo with this really great question which I thought would be a good follow up discussion for us all. Here is … Continue Reading »»

Living In The Raw

The other day I posted this on Facebook:   I’ve come to a realization. Too many things stress me out. I say that too much in my life these days…that activity (a. b. c.) makes me nervous…that person (x.y.z) stresses me out. I can’t handle the pressure of… Whoa…Hmmm…gonna pray over this.   Even writing this in public and hitting “post” unnerved me as I have prided myself forever that I’m a “strong woman,” not much phases me and I handle drama and stress with balance and class. This has not been the case over let’s say, six months. I … Continue Reading »»