Working it out

This week I pitched out the question about how we live out our faith at work and I’ve received some great insight from my friends in order to muddle through this topic. Check out what a few of my friends had to say:

Question for You:

Here is something to ponder this lovely Monday evening:   Would people at your work be surprised to know that you are a Christian if you happened to mention that you go to church?   Just something I’ve thought about lately. I would hate to casually mention my beliefs one day and my co-workers act all surprised that I’m a Christian. Hmmm…does the way I act at work jive with my beliefs?   Thoughts?? I will cover this more later on in the week. … Continue Reading »»

You Write It…

I’ve been on vacay this weekend at the beautiful beach in Cherry Grove, SC. My brain has been on vacay, too, so I thought you could help me write this blog post.   What are some things you have been learning or some links to great blog posts that spoke to you? Leave a comment with your thoughts and/or links so we can encourage each other.  OR! Have you written a great blog post? Leave that link, too!       … Continue Reading »»