Well helloooooo! Happy Friday everyone. Every Friday on LIVE IT OUT! I do something fun so we can just get to know each other. It’s called THE LIST and I would love for you to join in. Today’s LIST…take a look and then leave a comment with any or all of your answers to my randomness. ~To nap or not to nap? *Me: NAP!!! I am a nap advocate. If you ever need an excuse to nap just let me know and I will come up with one for you. ~Name a place you go when you need to de-stress … Continue Reading »»

Fun Updates: A Free Class and A Sale!

I’m bursting with fun news today. Let’s just jump on in and share it. First… From now until December 1st you can get Just RISE UP! eBook for only $2.99! Amazon     Lifeway   Christian   Barnes and Noble  **Also on iBooks–check your app!   The next thing that I am over the moon to share with you is a new, FREE, online class that I am a part of starting JANUARY 6! Becoming: The Unfolding of You was created by the amazingly talented Jeanne Oliver. She is an artist that I greatly admire and I know you will come to love … Continue Reading »»

Why We Should Do This Together

Sometimes I feel like an island. All alone with my ancient macbook and a passion to talk about Jesus with anyone who will listen. But, I sit here alone on my couch (my office) in my sweaty t-shirt and workout pants and my comfy blanket that I still hang on to from my college dorm room. (Many many years past college, of course!)  I long to connect with those who love Jesus and who desire be challenged to live out our faith in new, exciting, sometimes uncomfortable ways. Will you join me? Let’s do this together! Because though we do … Continue Reading »»