Why I Put Pen To Paper

I thought I would take just a moment to share some thoughts on why I put pen to paper almost daily… in my journal. This is a big part of my time with the Lord. My journal is messy. There are pages ripped out and scribbled on. There is really even no sense of order. But that is ok! Do you have a journal? Let me see if I can convince you in putting pen to paper for yourself as you interact with Scripture. Writing in a journal is critical for me when I’m interacting with God’s word. It keeps … Continue Reading »»

My Heart Is Full. Is Yours?

Today is a day that I’ve been anticipating for a good 2 plus years. Today my heart is full. Today I hand over a message that is so near and dear to my heart. The fullness is almost threatened though. What if people don’t get it? What if people think I’m crazy? What if I didn’t do this message justice? Again. I’m full of I and me and myself. Oh Jesus, thank you for the grace when I allow myself to get in the way. Today He makes my heart full. Oh how I know He will make your heart … Continue Reading »»

A Lifestyle Of Praise Part 2

Yesterday I shared Part 1 of an excerpt from my upcoming book Just RISE UP!: A Call To Make Jesus Famous. I hope that you are encouraged. Lately I’ve experienced a need for authenticity with in this generation and especially with in the church. One way to start: a lifestyle of praise. Here is Part 2…     So far in this section we have discussed outward expressions of authentic faith full of reverence and commitment. But the root of this kind of lifestyle must come from inside. The condition of our hearts—full of reverence for His name and commitment … Continue Reading »»