This is not the end

I wish I could hug each and every one of your necks. Source: via Sarah on Pinterest   Please know that though our Stress Point online summer study is “officially” over, it is NOT OVER. Take your time and work through the chapters. Take your time to really sit and have some meaningful conversations with Jesus and then come back here to LIVE IT OUT! and let me know how He is speaking to you. You have no idea how much it THRILLS me to see that you are living out the Kingship of Christ in all your stress … Continue Reading »»

Stress Point Wk 10: Girlfriend Interview

Well…the final Stress Point Girlfriend interview. I really loved this chapter because we finish off with the one thing that ties it all together–growing in our faith. I will post later this week with some thoughts about the conclusion chapter.   Meet my seriously sweet friend Wendy Blight. Wendy is one cool chick that knows a TON about the Bible. She is a Bible teacher, a mentor of mine and the girl can really pull off wearing awesome cowboy boots. (I’m secretly coveting her boots!) Check out what Wendy has to say…     Wendy, this week we are discussing … Continue Reading »»

Let’s Keep Going!

Wanted to take just a few minutes to pick your brain. As we are wrapping up the Stress Point Online study, I want to continue the conversation and write/talk about what matters to YOU. What are some topics that were in Stress Point that you want to talk about in more depth? What are burning issues or questions in your life that you’d like to flesh out?   Hugs to you all!   Here’s a great video to check out! … Continue Reading »»