The List

  Hope your week has been great. Here’s THE LIST for this week! Have fun…can’t wait to see what’s on your list. Name some movie characters you’ve always wanted to be. This week is more of a tough one so do feel like you have to do 5…just whatever comes to mind.   Here’s my LIST: ~Charlie’s Angels–from the modern version. Those girls can kick hiney! ~Andy from The Devil Wears Prada…’cause who wouldn’t want to dance in NYC to the song “Suddenly I See..???” ~Any chick working in the CIA from any movie…I just LOVE CIA thrillers and I … Continue Reading »»

Introducing THE LIST

Something new for a Friday. Well…this concept is not really new as people have been making lists for thousands of years. I really shouldn’t think I’m super innovative for posting this blog! So…here we go. Every Friday I’m going to toss out a topic. Sometimes it will be silly, sometimes it will be funky, sometimes it will be serious. Who knows where THE LIST will go… Then I will give you my top 5 answers to the topic. YOU will then be invited to share your top 5. Sound fun? Yeah…I thought it sounded fun, too!   THE LIST of … Continue Reading »»