The List

Well hello there, Friday! It’s time for THE LIST. Thank you to every one who played along last week. Here’s what I’m thinking…THE LIST each week will be full of random questions that I would want to ask you if we were sitting having coffee (or tea!) together. I love random, don’t you? Sometimes the questions may be repeats. If you are anything like me, your answers will change week by week even if they are the same question! I like this exercise because it causes me to really sit for a bit and evaluate where I am, what I’m … Continue Reading »»

The List: Life Lately

So…life lately has been pretty heavy. I have tons heavy on my heart. I have tons heavy on my plate (projects). I also feel like I’ve my body has been hit with a ton of bricks. Health issues are not fun. But, I’m not here to complain. I’m here today to have some fun. I’m bringing back The LIST on Fridays. Just light and easy. Today’s List is all about life lately. I would be super thrilled if you joined in as well…I so want to get to know you!! Feel free to make a comment with your “life lately” … Continue Reading »»

THE LIST: What’s Your Wheelhouse?

I’ve heard the term wheelhouse quite often lately as I watch those talent-based reality television shows this summer. (My favorite these days: Food Network Star) The term wheelhouse means that you are in the zone where you are doing what you do best, what makes you most happy, what you are passionate about. Sometimes it is a good thing to get out of our comfort zone and try new things. But, I think there’s a balance needed. The world has so much for us to offer: hundreds of careers to try out, tons of ideas on Pinterest to create, innumerable … Continue Reading »»