For this week’s LIST I thought I’d share a page in my journal that I wrote last year. Lately I’ve been chewing on the idea of “seeking God’s face” and just stitting still in His presence daily. At the end of the post I list a few ways I can seek His face.   Take some time today in prayer with the Psalm below and make a list on things in your life where Jesus shows you His beauty, His glory, His presence and…His face.   Here is a peek into my journal… Lord I’m intrigued by this concept I … Continue Reading »»

THE LIST: Why I Wrote Stress Point With Grads In Mind

  I think back to my graduation from college with fondness. Boy was that a seriously fun time in my life. But as I launched out into the world as a “big girl” I thought I knew it all…I really did think I had everything I needed for sucess in life.   I was wrong. Big time. There are life lessons to learn in our twenties that we just have to learn by trial and error no matter how painful. Our parents or loved ones might try to pitch in advice (which is awesome) but maturity often happens through making … Continue Reading »»


Well hellllloooo there, Friday! I’m seriously excited about today because my birthday celebration begins tonight with sushi dinner and a movie. Actually, my birthday isn’t until Monday but I always like to make a BIG deal of birthdays in general (especially my own!) and so we are starting early.   On to the LIST before I get too excited thinking about birthday presents!!! I thought it would be fun to list out what influences us these days. Now, before you give me your best “Sunday school answer,” I ask that you get specific! So instead of just saying, “the Bible … Continue Reading »»