How To Start The Day Well

  **This is a re-post from last year. Here’s the deal…I feel like this today. So honestly, I just thought maybe someone else does too and we can kick each other in the patootie, get out from under the covers and LIVE! Ok? Sounds good! /// How To Start The Day Well My smart phone tweeted a wake up tune. The house was quiet but my mind loudly swirled with all that the upcoming day would serve me. An ache droned in the pit of my stomach. Nerves and anxiety took their place. The warm soft covers soothed just a … Continue Reading »»

The LIST and such…

Happy New Year! How is it going so far? At my house we celebrated a fun, low key New Years Eve that included a local pinecone drop and tons of dessert way later than we would normally allow our little guy to eat that much sugar! Though I still have boxes to be stored full of Christmas decor, I’m moving full steam into the new year. Before we get into The LIST, I wanted to remind you about the awesome class I’m involved in called Becoming: The Unfolding of You. It is free and we just started our first week! … Continue Reading »»

Snow Globes & Comfort Zones

Some days I just wish life were contained in a comfy, simple snow globe cottage. Wouldn’t that be nice? Where we could snuggle in and just BE. But, the reality is that life is not as simple as my snow globe cottage. No. It is messy, and chaotic, and dramatic. And there are people outside our globes who need us even in our messy and dramatic and chaotic. You see, Jesus calls us to come, find rest. Snuggle in with Him, yes. But He also calls us to break out of our snow globe comfort zones and BE THE CHURCH. Be … Continue Reading »»