Are we really too busy?

Check out the video below where I share what’s going on in my heart these days. I am FOR SURE that someone else is feeling this way too. Be encouraged… (link to video **Sorry for the crazy quality of the video. Youtube isn’t playing nice with me these days and I’m hoping to find an expert to help me with the video quality of my vlogs going forward. My question for you… How are you going to rearrange your thoughts and priorities so that you aren’t too busy to love on someone TODAY?? Leave a comment…let’s chat. … Continue Reading »»

Defining Maturity

My first book Stress Point published almost a year ago now! As I’m taking several writing days to focus on my NEXT book as well as taking some vacation, I thought it would be fun to re-post the video blogs I made for each chapter of the book. You don’t have to have read the book in order to benefit from these videos…but I do hope you will consider checking out Stress Point :)   In the final chapter of Stress Point we discuss spiritual maturity and how to bring together all of our stress points to actually live out … Continue Reading »»