When There’s No Shame In Naptime

How is your Thursday, friends? With the Labor Day holiday this week is a bit off…but in a good way. We are already closer to the weekend, right? Our son actually had school on Labor Day which meant Mom and Dad had a date day. Quite nice. Monday was not the typical Monday. Tuesday was the “Monday.” I didn’t have a ton on my plate but I did have a few uncertainties heavy on my heart. Unanswered questions and what’s next type questions. Nothing major or life changing or dramatic, but just stuff messing with my mind. Isn’t it funny how … Continue Reading »»

For When You’ve Got Nothin’

This is the week. Yes. This is the week I would pound out so so so many words to inspire and uplift and point to the goodness of God. We are back to our routine. Though we are in a new town, starting a new school with my son, in a new home (starting to actually feel like home!), the routine is the same and it feels glorious. I sit here in my new little art and writing room in an old chair with an old blanket and old laptop and I’ve got nothin’. So instead of trying to put … Continue Reading »»

When Does It Feel Like Home?

The boxes, the ugly brown boxes with slick tape and words like fragile, living room, guest room stack up in the new garage. Those same boxes occupy my new, would be writing room. But there is progress happening in our new home. Those same boxes used to take up living space in the family room, my closet, kitchen are shuffled to a more manageable place so we might do life. I’m asked by sweet friends if we are settled in. I hesitate and take a deep breath. Well… My first inclination is to say not quite. The walls stand bare. … Continue Reading »»