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Life is tough sometimes. We often allow our life drama to throw us into seasons of stress and anxiety that threaten our joy, peace and happiness in everyday life pleasures. But we were not meant to live riddled with stress and confusion about life. Jesus promises in John 10:10 that He came to give us life and life abundantly. Just thinking about an overflowing of goodness that our God promises in His Word encourages me to hand over my stress points and sit at the throne of my beloved King Jesus.

Starting OCTOBER 15 I invite you to join me in the Stress Points to Life Points TEN DAY journey as we boldly approach the throne of Grace with every single stress point in our life. Our journey will lead us to look to the Bible for ultimate guidance toward that abundance which Jesus promises. Who doesn’t long for…

godly success

We will look at our career and our money as we redefine the word success based on serving God rather than the world.

godly purpose

We will look at the intrinsic need to make a difference in the world was specifically designed by our Creator. He put that need in our heart and gives us avenues toward purpose that is lasting and meaningful –– when it is based on God’s will for our life.

godly well-being

We will look at our body and self image with an eye toward healthy living both in mind and in body. Because our Creator makes no mistakes, we can rest assured that He adores and loves us as He made us. It is up to us to care for our bodies –– His creation.

Will you join me in the ten day experience of Stress Points to Life Points? Each day’s blog post will contain encouragement on a different life issue based on the ten chapters of Stress Point: Thriving Through Your Twenties In A Decade Of Drama.

Here’s how you take part:

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IT IS TOTALLY FREE TO YOU…just my way of sharing my heart and passion that we LIVE OUT! the Kingship of Christ with all of our Stress Points.

I’m super excited…aren’t you?!

Remember the Stress Points to Life Points journey starts OCTOBER 15. Be sure to share this with your friends!


Introducing Stress Points to Life Points — 7 Comments

    • Hi Bree! I am doing good. Not sure if you ready it on here or not but i just got diagnosed with Aspbergers.. I am already doing 3 studies so i really cant do anymore right now! Any job yet>?

      • I hope you’re doing well, Meg. My 18 year old cousin also has Asperger’s. He attended a high school geared towards his needs, graduated in June, and is doing great.

        WOW! Three studies at one time! That’s awesome!

        Unfortunately, no job, yet. I pray every day. I keep reminding myself to patiently wait on the Lord. Some days I do well, while others I get a little down. I’m looking forward to Sarah’s upcoming study. Perhaps it’ll help shift my perspective.

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