Above All Else: A 21 Day Feast

Above All Else

21 Days Starts September 8th.

I sat kneeling by the side of my couch. This posture was nothing other than my effort to put myself aside and re-position my heart, mind and body toward more meaningful worship toward Jesus. You see, I need to remind myself. I need to get uncomfortable and on my knees to get over myself and make much of Him.

As my focus began to wane, I knew I needed to crack open my Bible in order to use Words full of life and truth in order to adequately offer my accolades and affirmations toward the King who is due all good and true words that this voice could ever utter.

I will lift my praise above everything to You, my God and King! I will continually bless Your name forever and always. (Psalm 145:1 THE VOICE emphasis mine)



Above what I deem important and priority when I’m in the depths of that humane yearning which only seeks the here and the now and the comfortable. Above even what I hold dear––those God-given blessings that I coddle and care for and attend to. Above notions of success. Above notions of power. Above notions of what is safe. Above notions of doubt and fear. Above EVERYTHING…

I will lift my praise.

I became acquainted with Psalm 145 during a 24 hour prayer chain. This Scripture came to my attention with in the prayer guide and I sat captivated by the exhortation…the call… the encouragement…the declarations to…


A couple of years later, I wrote a book based on this Psalm of David––a song of praise. Verse by verse this song calls us to elevate the level of praise with our WHOLE life to pour out the fame of God’s goodness, holiness, power and to make His kingdom the center of our existence.

Just RISE UP!: A Call To Make Jesus Famous comes out soon…as in October 7th soon!

In the meantime I’m taking some time to soak, really dig into Psalm 145 and FEAST on His Fame.

Will YOU join me?

There are 21 verses in Psalm 145 and each stand alone toward 21 days of  BOLD worship and prayer and pouring forth. I was tempted to do the easy thing and combine the verses for a much more manageable 14 day blog event. But, what I’ve learned through this whole journey of rising up…

HE IS WORTHY of us doing the hard stuff. Will you commit 21 days straight of pouring forth His fame? 

Let’s do this together.

EVERY DAY for 21 days HERE on the LIVE IT OUT! blog we will come together to boldly worship and proclaim God’s greatness. Verse by verse I will offer up some prayer prompts and journal suggestions to encourage you toward incorporating Psalm 145 in your own worship time. I will also encourage you to LIVE IT OUT! with your words and actions that day.

We will boldly proclaim the fame of Jesus with in our social media circles AND in our real life circles.

How Do You Join In on Above All Else?

Be sure you are subscribed to the LIVE IT OUT! blog. All of the 21 days of Above All Else will be posted here. When you subscribe you will get an email to let you know there’s a new day of worship ready for you to partake in!

Note: if you are already a subscriber (thank you!) you are good to go. Just look for the email next Monday!

***The 21 Days starts SEPTEMBER 8th!!!***

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Above All Else: A 21 Day Feast — 4 Comments

  1. This sounds like an AWESOME thing to do. Not that i need one more thing to do/on my plate, but like you…there are some things we need to focus MORE on. And i have been greatly slacking…
    thanks for doing this. Looking forward to your book coming out.
    Looking forward to the next 21 days!

  2. I don’t always comment but I do subscribe so I read your emails whenever I can. I love this idea and will do my absolute best to commit to the 21 days. I’m in the carpool line now which unfortunately is my reading time these days. I miss you and all my Pinehurst peeps!

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