Just RISE UP! Online Study Week 4 Intro

I’m so grateful for you, friend. I’m so grateful that you’ve chosen to spend a few precious moments of your day on this small space with in the world wide web. Thank you.

This week’s Just RISE UP! chapter: Our Dreams, Purpose, and God’s Agenda from Chapter 4.

I invite you to start reading the chapter that was probably the most difficult for me to write. Why? Because I’m still working through this topic, daily. I’ve shared what God is teaching me so far and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

No matter what stage of life you are in, we continually find ourselves in transition that takes some form or fashion. I know women in their early 20’s and in their late 60’s looking, searching, for passion and purpose in life. We all look for ways to make a difference with our lives, even when we don’t know we are looking for those ways. Innately, we have a desire to make a mark on this world. I get it, I have that desire, too. It is when we seek after God first that the mark we make on the world holds the most meaning. What do I mean by this? Let’s dig in together.

**This week I will share my video blog on WEDNESDAY. Stay tuned. :)

Dig IN!

You know we simply MUST circle back to our Psalm 145 before we do anything, right? Go ahead, grab your Bible and do something crazy…read the whole thing over again! :) This week we are focusing on Psalm 145:15-19.

All eyes have turned toward You, waiting in expectation;
when they are hungry, You feed them right on time.
The desires of every living thing
are met by Your open hand.
The Eternal is right in all His ways,
and He is kind in all His acts.
The Eternal stays close to those who call on Him,
those who pray sincerely.
All of you who revere Him—
God will satisfy your desires.
He hears the cries for help, and He brings salvation. (Psalm 145:15-19 THE VOICE)

Verse 19 brings back the theme of reverence as the writer reminds us of God’s providence and ultimate provision. He sees us, He hears our pleas, He knows the twists and turns and transitions in our lives. It is all in His plan. Our job is to daily seek after Jesus rather than chase after a dream or a passion.

~How has your perspective changed during our RISE UP! journey together thus far? Have you developed a new view in regards to purpose and passions in life?

One of my biggest ways to reconcile my own plans with God’s ultimate agenda is to intentionally “Do Life and Ministry” everyday. I know I’ve said it seriously over and over, but our life matters. What Jesus is doing in us and through us effects others for His kingdom. Here is a tid bit I shared in Chapter 4 of Just RISE UP!

We all have an opportunity to seek out our God-given passion. We ALL have chances everyday to “do ministry” in the way we love God and love others. It is hard, though. It hurts sometimes to put ourselves out there and be vulnerable. But if we are doing what only God could plant in our hearts to do . . . there is no escaping it.

Will you seek out your God-given passion today with abandonment . . . with an open heart (protected by the Almighty) and do life . . . do ministry? (Page 102 Just RISE UP!)

~What are your thoughts on “doing life and ministry?” What holds you back? What challenges you? Let’s hash this out before we go any further.

~Read verse 15 of Psalm 145 again. Yes, God provides for our physical daily needs. (I talk about this in chapter 4). But the heart of the matter is what matters most to God. Are we hungry for more of God Himself than we are hungry for purpose and meaning in life? He is our purpose! He is our meaning. He is our ultimate dream.

The way we live this out is how we answer the following questions…daily…

Journal IT!

These questions are taken from the intro of Just RISE UP! chapter 5. How do you see them as a way to spur you forward toward God’s plans and agenda verses your own dreams and desires for life?

Take some time to write these questions some place where you can circle back on a regular basis.

~Did I seek out Jesus and desire His presence today?

~Do I want to know the heart of the King of the universe more than I want the desires of my own flawed, self-focused heart?

~Do I want God to do big things in my life and through my life, or do I seek out my own plan, my own path, my own fame?

Pray About IT!

Use the following prayer journal prompts to get a conversation started between you and Jesus today.

~Father God, I want so badly to have a purpose and a plan in my life. Help me to seek You first . . .

~Lord, thank You for the talents and gifts You created in me. Help me to use the talents for Your fame…

~Make my heart pliable, Lord . . .

Talk About IT!

I would love to know your thoughts. This is a fluid conversation for me. I’m constantly circling back to it in my own life and I want to know what you have to say about it. Leave a comment… let’s chat!

Share IT!

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Just RISE UP! Online Study Week 4 Intro — 5 Comments

  1. I’m fixing to get started on the new chapter but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

  2. Sarah, as I’m sitting here reading chapter 4, , I am thinking I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to rise up to where I need to be. Sometimes, as I’m praying or trying to read out of the bible I feel so overwhelmed. I may have said this before but I’m a little introverted and quiet. I need to work so much on just asking God to show and ask him what he wants me to do but I’m afraid I won’t hear him answer me. On page 113, when you’re talking about spiritual hunger and being overwhelmed with everything. I have to keep telling myself to just stop and ask him to lead me and that if I spend more time with him, I’ll hear him.

    • Hi Stacy, I just wanted you to know that I’ve read your comment and I will get back to you first thing tomorrow. I’ve injured my back (for the 1,000th time) and trying to balance that with the festivities of today. Hugs to you. I’m thinking of you and will write back soon. love,sarah

    • Stacey, I hear you friend! It can be super overwhelming. Being bold in faith is not about being loud (I’m loud but not everyone needs to be. Ha!). It is about seeking after God with all of your heart and allowing your actions and decisions and worship reflect that. Let God show You the special ways He made you, the personality traits and the characteristics He gave you…gifts!…uniquely YOU. You’ve got it right, though. If you cling tight to Him, Jesus you will hear His voice through the Word, through prayer, etc. Does this help at all? I pray it does!!! Hugs!!

  3. That’s ok. I hope you feel better! I have neck and back problems too and it’s no fun. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

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