Oh The Words We Use

My little guy was quite chatty in our car ride after school yesterday. Usually I get the obligatory “fine” or “good” upon asking about school, recess, or lunch. (His two favorite subjects at school, of course) So you better believe I fed into it with absolute and utter interest in his chatter about super heros and playground antics that led to mud stains on his jeans. For this super hero talk would surely lead to more words to discover how the day truly unfolded. And so it did. And so I discovered that my little first grader received a warning for talking too much in class. Gasp!  

While trying to play the *responsible* mom, I calmly reminded him the importance of listening, learning, and keeping thy mouth shut during teaching times. On the other hand, the chatty cathy in me inwardly cheered my guy on. Why? I saw myself in that moment. You see, little Sarah Francis often received reprimands in school for talking too much. And look how great I turned out? *wink wink* It could be said that I haven’t shut my mouth since those days…ahem…

In fact, I actually haven’t shut my mouth. Oh the words we use. 

Kind friends ask how our transition is going, how the house selling is moving along. With a toss of my hair and a roll of my eyes, the complaints come blathering out of my mouth. You see, this transition is not going as planned. Not one bite on our house. Tick tock, Lord!

Oh the words we use. This outward dialogue with my friends peels back a layer in my heart. Dare I actually say it out loud: my heart is not finding rest in God’s agenda and timeline. I cringe at the reminder of Scripture that says,

A person full of goodness in his heart produces good things; a person with an evil reservoir in his heart pours out evil things. The heart overflows in the words a person speaks; your words reveal what’s within your heart. (Luke 6:45 THE VOICE)

Is this really what is in my heart: distrust and unbelief? Surly not! Wait…is it? But these are the words I choose, the words I use, rather than bold declarations. Bold declarations that I’m leaning on the path that I know God has already laid before us. My friend Maggie, one smart chick, reminds me of a phrase…fake it till you make it.

These were words I once used while pounding the pavement in my tailored suit in that long forgotten role of sales person. Those years are long gone. Maybe there’s something to be said for it, this fake it till you make it.

Maybe bold declarations that I know in my head (believing God for this transition unfolding in God’s best timing) will migrate down to my heart. Will I be humble enough to admit that I’m still figuring it all out––that dark corners of my heart still exist full of trust issues? Yes bold declarations, even if I’m faking it just a bit, stand effective in changing my disposition toward my current circumstances.

Oh the words we use serve as a measuring stick of our current heart condition.

Might we be willing to evaluate our words––take a hard look at the effect they spill on our lives and even those around us.

So here I go, determined to trade hair flips, eye rolls, and complaints with authentic words founded on truth. You see, we can fake it till we make it, yes. We can make those bold declarations of belief even when our heart is not quite there yet because we stand on the Word that never changes…never fakes us out. The words He uses––our all knowing Author of our faith––are true, good, steadfast, everlasting. This is even when we are tempted to look at our watch and live frustrated over the unseen timeline.

Oh the words we use

For me today this looks like a shift in focus. Rather than dwelling on that end goal of moving, building a new life in Texas, I’m simply going to dwell on God. That’s it. Just God. I’m standing on the words God uses to direct my focus toward what’s most important, eternal. I know in my head that when I seek Him with all my heart I will find Him. He is the end plan. The end goal. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that the plans He has for us are good. WE often stop at verse 11. Oh let us not read forget to read on to 13 and 14: Seek God. He will be found. He is the end goal.

What does this look like for YOU today? What are the words YOU use? How can you declare bold statements of faith to turn your words around so that your end goal is God HIMSELF?

Leave a comment…let’s chat!


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All my complaining about my house not selling in my timely manner convicts me…big time. There are those without out a house…with out the ones they love in Nepal. My family has committed to give to Samaritans Purse in their relief efforts in Nepal. Click HERE to give.



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  2. This is a topic that I am working on as well. I find it easy to encourage others about the words they speak yet I myself struggle with using the right words for myself or my circumstances.
    I am constantly reminded and constantly ask to be reminded when my words are contrary to what God’s Word says. (I usually slap my hand across my mouth or top of my head and say yes, I know. I am sorry, and change my words to words of life.)
    I truly see that life & death are in the power of the tongue. I choose life!
    Thank you for your honesty. Please know that I will pray for a successful sale of your home. That you will receive more than you expect. The right family needs that home. I will also pray that you go with peace in your heart & show God’s great love & kindness, as well as receive it as you prepare for your move.

  3. This one got me–I try to be uplifting, breath life (like my favorite evangelist Jon Randles taught those of us who were blessed to know him), change the room with your attitude, etc etc. But in my head, and heart, I hear “do you truly believe that or are you faking it”. I’m really bad about when someone’s telling me their situation, I want to chime in with mine. Maybe I shouldn’t all the time–maybe my words need to just be “let’s pray about it together”. The book “Keep It Shut” convicted me on that point. I don’t have to always tell someone my experiences–I can “help” them through something from what God’s taught me, not just let words roll off my tongue.
    Praying for you and the house. Praying for all of you during this transition!!!! Now, hurry back to Texas ;)

  4. after reading Proverbs & James & seeing what God says about our tongues shocked me into realizing i had to change my way of speaking. it became much easier as i allowed the Lord to change my heart. the thing that God measures. it takes work & even my children are helping me. thank you for this article & ur honesty. it is very encouraging to know i am not the only one. God will come thru! He alwaz does! Praiise His Holy Name!!!

  5. Thank you for your words. Your words always hit home for me. I too am in Texas so am curious what part of Texas you moved to. I’m in Amarillo. Good luck with the sale of your house.

  6. Yes! One of the things I’m challenging readers in my new book is to stop speaking poorly about themselves for the duration of reading said book and it occurred to me that I should probably follow the same advice for the duration of the writing process. I think they get the better end of the deal… I also noticed I was unreasonably irritable the other day to someone who loves me dearly and wasn’t annoying me, so I prayed into it and realized what set me off was a comment I myself had made in the beginning of our conversation. Oops.

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