Sarah’s Statement of Faith

  • I believe the Bible is God’s holy word that is infallible and applicable to every part of my life. I will read it and soak in it regularly and actually live it out.
  • I believe that Jesus died on the cross to forgive my sins and allow me the path to an intimate relationship with the Almighty God. I also believe that three days later, after the cross, He rose victorious from the dead and sits on His throne in Heaven.
  • I believe that we live in a fallen, sin-filled world. I, too sin daily, but I do not live in condemnation but rather in the forgiveness of Jesus.
  • I believe that the only way to an eternal relationship with God is by saving faith in Jesus Christ.
  • I believe that because I’ve declared Jesus as my Lord and Savior, His Holy Spirit lives in my heart. It is my desire to live my life always sensitive to God’s presence in my life and to follow the leading of the Spirit. This takes making daily decisions to put aside my selfishness and choose to partake in God’s Kingdom.
  • I believe that one day (hopefully soon!) Jesus will come back to this earth and all will be right in His world again. I believe He will establish His eternal Kingdom and defeat the devil once and for all. Until then, I will stand on the promise of His coming victory and refuse to allow the devil a foot in my life.
  • I believe that until the day of His coming I have an important role in the Kingdom to proclaim the fame of Jesus. I will live out my faith with reverence and commitment.
  • I believe that my King is ready and willing to pour out His grace and forgiveness when I temporarily step away from my Kingdom role and live with my own agenda in mind.
  • Every day I will think of others before myself. By serving others I am serving the King.


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